3 Essential Things to Know Before Arriving in Peru

3 Essential Things to Know Before Arriving in Peru

Peru is probably one of the most widely visited countries in South America, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, it has sea access on the one hand and beautiful, sprawling mountain ranges on the other. In between these diverse landscapes lies a vast array of historical sites and cultural monuments, just waiting to be explored.

The Basics

Peru is a country located on the northwestern coast of South America, and it has been an independent country for almost 200 years, since 1821. Its capital city is Lima, and it’s inhabited by some 8 million people, which is nearly one-third of the entire Peruvian population! When planning your trip to Peru, remember to exchange your currency to soles (Peruvian national currency) before you leave your home country.

Natural Wonders

Aside from the human-made attractions, Peru is also famous for its biodiversity and natural beauty in general. The Amazon rainforest covers more than 40% of South America and a sizeable portion of it is located in Peru. Although it might not be the best idea to explore it on your own, group tours are organized by local travel professionals. They’ll allow you to safely witness things that are unique to that region of the world first-hand, all the while providing you with fascinating insider knowledge about the rainforest and its inhabitants.

Another wonder of nature that can be found in Peru is Lake Titicaca — as South America’s largest lake, it has more than 40 islands, many of which are densely populated and hold many secrets for you to uncover. Its size isn’t the only thing making Lake Titicaca unique. Located at 3,810 meters above sea level, it’s also the highest navigable lake in the world!

Follow in the Incas’ Footsteps

Despite the many natural wonders that one can find in Peru, most tourists visit the country to see Machu Picchu. Also known as “The Lost City of the Incas”, the ancient town is located over 2400 meters above sea level, and getting there is as much of an adventure as seeing the ruins of a once-great city itself.

If you’re looking for more details on sightseeing in Peru, exploring the Inca Trail, and other essential information about this wonderfully diverse South American country, check out this infographic provided by They are seasoned adventure experts who organize tours to Peru and many other interesting locations all around the world.


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