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Wait…know these unique facts about Vancouver before you visit

Wait…know these unique facts about Vancouver before you visit

Vancouver in Canada is a pretty cool place to visit but do you know- it also has many first-of-its-kind and interesting facts to its credit. If not then you should first know these before booking your Cathay Pacific flight to this beautiful destination.

  • The Metro Vancouver Port is not only the largest export port in Canada but is also the largest port in North America. Every year it makes a business worth about $170 billion with over 170 nations.
  • It’s the city that makes more than enough movie and TV productions and stands at 3rd place in North America just behind Los Angeles and New York.
  • You also have a chance to swim in the longest saltwater swimming pool in North America and it is Kitsilano Pool. The lanes are 137 meters in length & breadth which means they are about 3 times bigger than an Olympic pool.
  • Vancouver homes North America’s first overseen injection site-‘Insite’ which makes it the pioneer in harm reducing actions.
  • Stanley Park is larger than Central Park in New York and has also been awarded the best park in the world in 2014 by TripAdvisor. And all the grey squirrels that you see walking royally in the park are children of 16 grey squirrels that this city was gifted from New York City in 1909.
  • Hmm….it is also a city that hasn’t bagged Stanley Cup for more than 100 years.
  • Vancouver and Coca-Cola share the same birth year as they have been founded in the same year-1886 June 13.
  • This city has the highest number of diverse ethnic groups and that’s why Chinatown here is the 3rd largest area in North America.
  • It has been ranked as the best friendliest city more than twice.
  • It’s also the place that houses some of the best vegetarian restaurants in BC.
  • There’s also one sad part although it is the healthiest city it isn’t the affordable city in the world due to its high residential rates and high gas price. Remember you should be filthy rich to live here as it is the 3rd metropolitan area where real estate prices are costliest next to Hong Kong and Sydney.
  • Despite these pitfalls it persistently ranks amongst the best cities across the world and very recently it bagged 3rd position.
  • It’s the “Hollywood of the North” however, the industry focuses more on Americans rather than Canadians.
  • Botox, the world-famous cosmetic treatment had its birth here.
  • Although the city now boasts of being one of the culturally-rich and ethnically-sound city it wasn’t the same in good-old-days. West Vancouver was originally a British Properties region and exclusive for high-class elite people. People who wished to stay here had to have a British passport and Jewish and Blacks weren’t allowed to live no matter what.
  • The globe’s largest soldier made out of the tin is present in this city. It is located at New Westminster in the region of Vancouver Metropolitan and is unbelievably 9.75 metres in height and 4540 kilograms in weight.
  • Vancouver has the highest number of immigrants in Canada and they make up about 13. 40% of the total population. It is also the highest city in terms of Asians per capita in comparison to any city in North America.
  • The citizens here are considered most eco-friendly and the Greenpeace, a successful environmental group had its birth here in 1971.
  • “The Eye of The Wind” situated on Grouse Mountain’s top is only ever working wind turbine across the globe with a viewing stage.
  • The California roll as the name suggests wasn’t made in California and it actually had its birth here and was made first by Chef Hidekazu Tojo who has a restaurant named Tojo here.
  • Surprisingly it is the only city in the North American region where we don’t notice a freeway access downtown.
  • Long ago when the industrial revolution started the Marine Building located on 355 Burrard Street was the biggest edifice in the time of the British Empire.
  • Very recently the city found a place as the 3rd most livable city across the globe following Melbourne in 1st place and Vienna in the 2nd.
  • BC Place is the foremost covered stadium across Canada. The roof is 7500 square meters and the largest across nations.
  • The city has wealthiest neighborhoods in Canada and one amongst them is the West Vancouver where Hollywood stars, corporate heads and another renowned dwell. Aren’t these facts really one of their kind and giving you more stimulus to visit Vancouver.

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