Learn About the Capital of Bulgaria – Sofia

Sofia, Building, Metropolis

Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and largest city. In the western part of the country, it is located in the Sofia Valley at the foot of Vitosha Mountain. The city is situated west of the Iskar River and is home to several mineral springs, including the Sofia Central Mineral Baths. Also, do not … Read more

What are the most amazing castles in Bulgaria?

Bulgarian castle

Bulgaria is a great destination to see medieval fortifications, some of which date back to the first European empires: Thrace, Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empire. Because Bulgaria is at the crossroads of Europe, its history has been one of constant conflict. As long as there was a war going on in … Read more

Foods You Must Try When Visiting Bulgaria


Brimmed with jaw-dropping landscapes, beautiful beaches, and other attractions, Bulgaria also boasts fresh, tasty, and hearty foods that will undoubtedly satisfy anyone’s palate. While the country’s cuisine shares some characteristics from its neighboring countries, Bulgarian people knew how to give their food its own distinct. From yummy pastries, well-loved soups, to classic … Read more

Guide to Backpacking in Bulgaria

A country in the southeast section of Europe, Bulgaria is sandwiched between Greece and Turkey to the south, North Macedonia and Serbia in the west, and Romania to the north. Bulgaria is one of the most underrated countries in the world, as many tourists may dismiss going here and go to its … Read more

Bus schedule from Varna for 2016-2017

bus sheduld in bulgaria

Varna – the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. From the bus station of Varna, buses run not only along the coast but also inland.   Where to go from Varna – our tips Despite the fact that from Varna you can reach in almost every town of the coast, … Read more

Introduction to Visiting Bulgaria

Attractions of Bulgaria on photos

Everything about Bulgaria Currency of Bulgaria: lev (in details) Language: Bulgarian (in details) Everything about the rest in Bulgaria – a description of the resorts and beaches, sample prices and the list of attractions While working on a website about Bulgaria we have accumulated a large number of useful articles about the … Read more

Fruits in Bulgaria

Fruits in Bulgaria

We would like to just mention the important fact – in Bulgaria as a whole we have seen a large number of fruits, including many different types of berries. In Bulgaria you can find exotic fruits such as kiwi, figs, pomegranates, peaches, as well as the more usual fruits such as apples, … Read more

The cities and the resorts of Bulgaria on photos

Other sights of Bulgaria

Bulgaria warmly offers its visitors a variety of cities and resorts for fun, recreation and relaxation. Here in Bulgaria, you will not only enjoy the things that you should normally enjoy when you’re on a holiday — you will also experience an improvement of health and perhaps, a spiritual enlightenment. The nature … Read more

Bulgaria on photos: beaches, resorts and attractions

Bulgaria on photos: beaches, resorts and attractions

In this article you will get to see photos of the many wonderful spots in Bulgaria that we managed to visit personally. But even the best pictures do not do justice to the breathtaking and otherworldly beauty of this Balkan country — you’ve really got to see them by your own eyes. … Read more

The sea in Bulgaria. Photos and the temperature of the water

The sea in Bulgaria. Photos and the temperature of the water

Bulgaria – one of the most accessible and beautiful countries of the Balkan coast. In this article, you will get to see the pictures of the sea in Bulgaria. We hope tha What is the sea in Bulgaria? Bulgaria is bordered by the Black Sea on the east. Basically, the water is … Read more