Where Is Online Gambling Legal in 2024?


If you love thrills and excitement and want to experience an adrenaline rush, wagering is one of the few activities that can deliver this feeling. Gambling has massively evolved to become more accessible and convenient.

With technology enabling online gambling, this niche has grown exponentially. However, despite this massive upward trajectory, there are still a few roadblocks, especially in the legislative space, limiting online gambling to certain jurisdictions. Don’t worry, however, as in this article, we will show you where gambling is legal as of this year. Let’s get straight to it. 

South Africa

Most African countries have been very receptive to online gambling, and this holds true in South Africa. You can log on to several sites to make wagers on various games, from football to hockey and rugby.

Technological advancements have made the online gambling South Africa fanbase grow exponentially. Fast-speed internet and access to mobile devices have particularly proved instrumental. Punters can now visit platforms like Betway and bet on their favorite games.


Talk about a gray area. Canada does not necessarily allow its residents to engage in online gambling activities. However, Canadians are free to wager on internationally licensed websites with a guilt-free conscience. 

So technically, while in the North American country, you can wager online. However, be sure to double-check with the state-specific laws because crossing those might land you in some problems. 

United Kingdom

If you are in the UK and have taken a particular liking to wagering, you are in luck. The UK allows and regulates all gambling through the Gambling Commission established by the Gambling Act 2005. 

The UK has made great strides in improving its gambling laws. Initially, you had to wait until 24 hours after signing up as a member to wager. However, this rule has been abolished, and you can begin enjoying the thrill as soon as you sign up. 


Undoubtedly, Africa’s most popular country, Nigeria, offers a blend of entertainment activities. From topping the charts music-wise to releasing captivating films, you’d imagine that is all you can indulge in there. 

However, the country has also legalized online gambling, allowing you to wager on popular sites like Betway. The betting market in Nigeria is growing rapidly due to the large population and access to mobile devices. So, if you reside there or are planning on visiting, be sure to wager on a match or two. 


For most soccer fans, stellar performers like Neymar and Pele come to mind when thinking about Brazil. The country passed online gambling, especially due to the potential tax returns the government was missing out on. 

So, the next time Neymar plays for his side, PSG, you can get in on the action on several credible websites. Online gambling in Brazil is, however, not solely restricted to football. 

Final Thoughts

Online gambling has undoubtedly reshaped the wagering scene, allowing more enthusiasts to indulge. As more countries begin to have a more open approach to it, there will be a massive upsurge in punters. Some of the places where online gambling is legal in 2024 though include, 


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