Moving to Thailand – Ebook Review

Moving to Thailand

Thailand is surely one of the top countries to visit. People visit Thailand for vacations, honeymoons, business trips, and for many other purposes too. The country itself is known for some of the cultural aspects including big temples, monks, and a classic lifestyle offered to people. While most people visit Thailand for … Read more

Moving to Australia – Book Review

Sydney Opera House

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for people who want to improve their lifestyle. The country is perfect in every way possible except for a few geographical constraints. But apart from those, living in Australia is a dream come true for so many people. One of the many ways to … Read more

Moving to Mexico – eBook Review

aerial view of Guanajuato, Mexico

Change is inevitable. At some point in our lives, all of us have to make big decisions. Leaving one’s homeland in hopes of getting a better future is surely a difficult one. It requires weeks of planning, enough money at hand, and proper knowledge of the country you’re relocating to. Mexico has … Read more

Useful American Phrases For Foreigners


  If you grow up listening to a particular phrase or phrase all the time, it’s easy to overlook how weird the phrase is. This is the case with many Americans. We are so accustomed to pronunciation that we are so familiar with pronunciation that we forget that there is no meaning … Read more

A Basic Guide to Working in Thailand

a businessman with reports, laptop, and coffee

There are many people from different countries who wish to move to Thailand either to work or to set up a business. Thailand is actually a great country for both because there are lots of opportunities here. If you need to work in Thailand to be able to fund your stay, you … Read more

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Thai Language

a proverb written in Thai and translated to English

If you are planning to move to Thailand soon and live there for the long-term, then it is strongly recommended that you learn to speak Thai. Or better yet, learn to read and write Thai as well because that is their official and national language. For Westerners, Thai can be a really … Read more

Mouthwatering Thai Cuisine

tom yum goong, a hot and sour soup in Thailand

If you want to live in Thailand, aside from embracing their culture, you also need to become familiar with the local foods they serve. Well, it’s not really difficult to love the foods in Thailand because the country is famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. The foods here are usually lightly prepared dishes … Read more

Important Things to Consider Before Moving to Thailand

man sitting on a chair with feet on luggage while looking at an airplane

Moving to Thailand is exciting and it can be a dream come true to some people as well. Who doesn’t want to live in a country where the sun always shines, people are nice, and costs are low, right? However, it can be challenging to move to a new place and most … Read more