Try These Well-Known Beers in France During Your Visit

Try These Well-Known Beers in France During Your Visit

Well-loved by most for their delicious wine, beer in France is often overlooked by tourists, if not ignored at all due to its bad rap abroad. Yet, you might be surprised that beer-making is an age-old tradition in France and it’s actually home to the largest number of breweries in Europe. Banking … Read more

Paris: The City of Lights or Love?

Paris: The City of Lights or Love?

From “Pantruche” to “Lutece” and “Paname,” the stunning city of Paris is among the many popular destinations that come in many nicknames. Apart from also being dubbed as the world’s fashion capital, Paris is perhaps more renowned for being the “City of Lights” or the “City of Love.” However, you might be … Read more

Charter Bus Services in Paris

Bus Services

Vacationing in Paris is surely a dream come true for many of us, but if we are new to traveling, we would soon realize that going to different countries and cities is not actually easy, especially if you don’t exactly know where to go. If you are traveling with friends or family … Read more

Traveling to Scotland on a Budget

With its unspoiled beaches, shimmering lochs, gently sloping glens and whimsical castles, Scotland will always be viewed as a country of romantic and mysterious beauty.    You may think that Scotland is inaccessible for an average tourist… and yes, that is true. The cost can be quite high and lofty as the … Read more

Mt. Elbrus: Climbing Europe’s Watchtower

Mt. Elbrus: Climbing Europe’s Watchtower

Traveling to Russia has always been on one of my lists of places to see.  I was even more motivated to visit when I heard that it was home to the tallest peak in Europe, Mt. Elbrus.  The guide service that I chose, International Mountain Guides (IMG), had a two-week program available … Read more

Where to Find Cheap Eats in Venice, Italy

Where to Find Cheap Eats in Venice-Adeel

  Venice is an Italian gem that needs no introductions. The old aesthetically appealing town, with its romantic vibe and ancient waterways, has been mentioned as ‘must-visit’ in hundreds of backpackers’ favorite destinations lists. With more than 25 million visitors each year, you might think it’d be difficult to find affordable and … Read more

Backpacking in France: Best Places to Visit in a Budget Introduction

Backpacking in France

France is considered to be one of the greatest places for backpackers, and for good reason. Termed by Ernest Hemmingway as the “Moveable Feast”, France is a diverse European country when it comes to the landscape. Backpacking there means you’ll be uncovering many layers of natural beauty, culture, history and more during … Read more

Ode to France

Bonjour! Its my first post on my new site and if you love all things French including pop, classic rock, punk, techno, etc. music this is the site for you! We will be covering many things French including culture, wine, cheese, history, music and more. This site will be written from an … Read more

Ode to French Wine

When you think of wine you probably think of France and Napa Valley. For many centuries the only thing you thought of when it came to wine was France. France has a long history in the winemaking business and a worldwide reputation. Here are a few interesting facts you probably didn’t know … Read more

Snorkeling and Diving in the French Riviera

The Caribbean beaches have always been a popular destination for snorkeling. But the Mediterranean has also a lot to offer and one of them is the French Riviera or also known in French as the Côte d’Azur. It is located in the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France. The French … Read more