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Traveling to Scotland on a Budget

With its unspoiled beaches, shimmering lochs, gently sloping glens and whimsical castles, Scotland will always be viewed as a country…

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Mt. Elbrus: Climbing Europe’s Watchtower

Traveling to Russia has always been on one of my lists of places to see.  I was even more motivated…

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The Best Neighborhoods in Barcelona: Where to Cool Down On Your Journey

So, if you’re backpacking to Barcelona but have no clue about what neighborhoods you should check out, this post has…

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Where to Find Cheap Eats in Venice, Italy

Venice is an Italian gem that needs no introductions. The old aesthetically appealing town, with its romantic vibe and ancient…

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Backpacking in France: Best Places to Visit in a Budget Introduction

France is considered to be one of the greatest places for backpackers, and for good reason. Termed by Ernest Hemmingway…

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Ode to France

Bonjour! Its my first post on my new site and if you love all things French including pop, classic rock,…

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Ode to French Wine

When you think of wine you probably think of France and Napa Valley. For many centuries the only thing you…

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Snorkeling and Diving in the French Riviera

The Caribbean beaches have always been a popular destination for snorkeling. But the Mediterranean has also a lot to offer…

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French Culture & Language: Why Do Foreigners Think French Waiters Are Rude?

In France, tourists find French waiters rude and unprofessional; unlike in other countries where servers are all friendly and greets…

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What Was an Average Day Like for a French King?

Have you ever dream of being a King or Queen? Or wondered what it was like to live like one?…

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