The Best Urban Backpack-Friendly Locations in the World

The Best Urban Backpack-Friendly Locations in the World

Once a marginal way of tourism, urban backpacking has now become the mainstream form of traveling. It’s no wonder, as who wouldn’t want to see fascinating cities around the world and get the best experiences at a fraction of the cost of a traditional journey. With meticulous planning, a well-allocated budget, and … Read more

Things To Remember For Camping

a camper drinking tea sitting near a tent and cooking fire

Wise people say, ‘A bad day camping is still better than a good day working.’ And we agree! Staying close to nature is all the therapy humans need to ward off stress. Researchers have since long emphasized the significance of nature on emotional and physical well-being. Spending time in nature not only … Read more

Things You Should Pack for Going on a Hike


  Regardless of whether you’re nonchalantly climbing/hiking to a most loved cascade or packing for a troublesome highest point, conveying the essentials is totally basic. At the point when things turn out badly, as they frequently do, this can mean the contrast between a minor bother and a critical outcome. For beginners … Read more

Top 5 Passport Holders for Safe Travel


If we’re lucky enough to go on international travels, our passport is probably one of the most important documents we own. However, passports could easily get lost or damaged, so it’s best to invest in a good passport holder just in case.  The right passport holder will not only keep our passport … Read more

Taking Care of Your Feet While Hiking or Backpacking

hiking with proper trail shoes

Hiking is considered by many as one of the most rewarding activities to do outdoors, especially if they’ve reached the end of the trail where beautiful sceneries are usually found. However, while the activity can be fun and exciting, hiking can typically cause pain in our feet due to the long periods … Read more

Tips for Backpacking Alone

There are times when we have lots of travel plans in our minds, but we do not have anyone to take with us. It’s challenging to find a travel buddy that has the same goals, timeline, and budget. But you cannot let that hold you off in making your dream adventures come … Read more

Top Destinations for Backpacking in the US

With its vast land area and diverse ecosystem, the options for backpacking trips in the United States are endless! The heart-stopping wild scenery will always be worth miles of hiking on trails and hopping on and off different sorts of public transport.   While there is backpacking in both urban and rural … Read more

Being Aware of Country Borders While Backpacking

A few people would consider themselves lucky if they can travel from one country to another without any hassle, especially if they have the means and resources to do it. They can afford to fly across the continent. As for the backpackers, they travel by budget, so they usually cross the borders … Read more

Should You Take Cash When Backpacking?

When you decide to eschew the usual comforts of traveling and have decided to “rough it out,” you need all the resources to survive in your travels. Like in many other activities, money and finances are always a concern when you travel. Travel costs and travel insurance gobble up most of your … Read more

Guide to Backpacking in Oregon

When it comes to beautiful landscapes and sceneries, the state of Oregon is one of the most abundant in them in the United States of America. While many people who’ve never been to Oregon are only familiar with the city of Portland or the majestic Crater Lake, there are a lot more … Read more