Best Places to Star Gaze in Canada

Best Places to Star Gaze in Canada

Have you ever wished on a star? Well, who else does not for at least one in a lifetime? In a night sky with splendid flickering stars, everything seems tranquil and undeniably cozy. That is why it is not a surprise if most people are in love with its beauty. Some enthusiasts … Read more

Where Are the Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Canada?

Where Are the Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Canada?

The aurora borealis seems to have all the qualities of an ingénue: enigmatic, beautiful, and notorious for playing hard to get. This natural phenomenon, often known as the northern lights, is regarded as a life-changing bucket-list experience. Many people wait years, if not a lifetime, to see this spectacular celestial show because … Read more

What Are the Major Railways in Canada?

What Are the Major Railways in Canada?

If you are familiar with the Maple trees, then you might know Canada. It is a country from North America that has thirteen provinces. Apart from the well-known tourism, the country is also notable in the industry of railways. The railways are their kind of transportation from almost everything. In relation to, … Read more

What are the most scenic places to visit in Canada?

What are the most scenic places to visit in Canada?

Canada is one of the few places in the world with top-notch sights and scenes to satisfy the wanderlust of any holidaymakers. Either your stay in Canada is for business, leisure, or migration, Canada will never fail to amaze you. As the second most-largest country in the world, Canada has lots of … Read more

Unique Facts That Define Canada

A woman draped in a Canadian flag against a mountainous background.

Canada, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful countries, has some unique facts that define the country from maple syrup to hockey and beyond. Canada is home to 38 million people, has ten provinces and three territories and has a very rich history & heritage. It is one of the top … Read more

Why is Hockey so Popular in Canada?

Candid image of three women playing hockey

When you think about Canada, the first two things that come to your mind are maple syrup and hockey. Undoubtedly, these two are the most things non-natives know about Canada. While maple syrup is easier to understand, many do not get why hockey remains on the top with several sports out there. … Read more

History of The Canadian Dollar

Canadian coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II

The history of Canada’s currency is having a unique perspective that tells us about the economy of Canada and Canada as a nation. The evolution of Canadian money can be traced from its pre-colonial origins till the present day. The currency had the early French and British colonial chaos period. The sweeping … Read more

Downsides of Living in Canada

CN Tower in Toronto

In the late 15th century, British and French expeditions were exploring and colonizing the different parts of North America, which became Canada in the current day. New France colony was established in 1534. The permanent settlements were then done in the 17th century. The ten provinces and three territories extending from the … Read more

Lessons the World Can Learn from Canada

pole, Canadian flag, blue sky, clouds

Canada is a country that is well known for its effective government, welfare support system, absence of corruption, and most especially, its friendly and very welcoming people. The Canadians are globally known to be apologetic and polite people. The country sure learned about how to live well, and the world could definitely learn … Read more

Why Do So Many Americans Want to Move to Canada?

Granville street in Vancouver, Canada

With a total land area of 9.985 million km², Canada is considered the second-largest country in the world by area. The country can be divided into six (6) physiographic regions: the Canadian Shield, the interior plains, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence lowlands, the Appalachian region, the Western Cordillera, and the Arctic Archipelago. Currently, … Read more