Lessons the World Can Learn from Canada


Canada is a country that is well known for its effective government, welfare support system, absence of corruption, and most especially, its friendly and very welcoming people. The Canadians are globally known to be apologetic and polite people. The country sure learned about how to live well, and the world could definitely learn from it.

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This is why we have listed a bunch of lessons the world could learn from Canada.

1. Be Kind

Canadians are famous for their kindness. There even was a running joke about Canadians apologizing for everything, but there is certainly some truth to that. According to psychologist Karina Schumann, Canadians often use “sorry” as a way to “have smooth, norm-abiding, harmonious interactions.” It is very telling that this personality of Canadians shows that they are all about avoiding conflict and letting their normal lives progress easily and that they aren’t afraid to take the blame when it’s needed.

According to the World Giving Index’s recent five-year average, Canada is the sixth country globally when it comes to helping a stranger, volunteering, and donating to charity.

2. Family First

As their population grows, people living in Canada need reassurance that they will be given support directly by their government once they start their own families. Canada has one of the world’s best parental leave policies. The policy offers eligible parents of newborn or newly adopted children 52 weeks of leave, giving the mother 17 weeks, and the remaining 35 could be split by both parents if preferred. The parents also receive 55%of their average weekly insurable earnings up to a maximum amount. Their jobs are also protected, ensuring that both parents have the same job to pick up once they decide to go back to work.

3. Strength Through Diversity

Canadians are not ashamed of their differences, never attempting to hide their diversity. Canada is a country of immigrants representing around 200 countries in populations across the whole land. The different cultures are celebrated and honored in festivals all year round. They also show their diversity symbolically in every corner, from advertisements to street signs written in the country’s non-official languages.

4. Celebrities are people, too

The country is home to many A-list celebrities. About a dozen of movies were shot in Canada every year. It is also the birthplace of globally famous artists like Drake, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Avril Lavigne, and many more. Tons of celebrities are roaming around the country’s cities, but you wouldn’t know much about it unless you’re hanging around their hotels or homes. The paparazzi are at a minimum in the country, which means stars can live their normal lives without constant worry about the public intrusion in their daily lives.

5. Bigger Is Better When It Comes To Nature

Canada has an impressive natural landscape, and one can’t help but marvel at its grand mountain ranges, remote fishing villages, breathtaking beaches, extremely modern cities, and traditional Aboriginal communities. With its massive area of 9.985 million km², the country covers every type of lifestyle with its staggering natural beauty.

6. Equality Isn’t Just For Straight People

Canada is the fourth country to have legalized same-sex marriage. The country made this monumental decision in 2005 and didn’t waver. Canada made a move to support two people’s rights, regardless of gender, to be wed. The rights don’t just end there, and it extends to tax and social benefits, including income tax deductions, old age security, and Criminal Code charges. Gay pride celebration is one of the biggest celebrations in the country’s largest cities every year. Every major city also holds an annual parade in Canada. These festivities are attended by any Canadian citizen regardless of culture and sexual orientation.

7. Don’t Let The Weather Dampen Your Mood

The country’s weather is often snowy and rainy, with the occasional sunny day. But for Canadians, it’s not something that will get them down. Instead, they dug underground tunnels that allowed them to move freely without being hampered by the freezing temperature. Canada has an extensive underground city that allows its citizens to walk to and fro homes, shopping centers, university campuses, and workplaces.

8. The More Languages The Better

Canada has two official languages, French and English. This makes Canadians eloquent in two languages. The majority of them became well-versed in bilingualism after receiving education for their territory or province in the language of the minority in school. And with the addition of their multicultural towns and cities, the country’s population is prepped for speaking a multitude of languages.

9. The World Is Bigger Than Your Country

Canadians love traveling. You will often find Canadian flags on luggage and backpacks across the globe, and it’s because no matter where they’re going, Canadians like learning more about what the rest of the world has to offer. This provides the citizens a broader perspective on everything.


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