Ode to France

Bonjour! Its my first post on my new site and if you love all things French including pop, classic rock, punk, techno, etc. music this is the site for you! We will be covering many things French including culture, wine, cheese, history, music and more. This site will be written from an … Read more

Ode to French Wine

When you think of wine you probably think of France and Napa Valley. For many centuries the only thing you thought of when it came to wine was France. France has a long history in the winemaking business and a worldwide reputation. Here are a few interesting facts you probably didn’t know … Read more

The Fascinating History of French Cuisine

French cuisine is considered as the foundation and the heart of many cuisines across the Western world. In fact, the history of cooking can’t be written with out a significant portion or our modern history being impacted by French chefs. French cooking’s influence and recognition are legendary and has gained the status … Read more