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Is Alicante, Spain Good for Family Trips?

Is Alicante, Spain Good for Family Trips

Alicante has always been a top tourist destination in Spain. However, is it also good for those who are traveling with their families?

In this article, we’ll list the things you can do in Alicante with your family and why they shouldn’t miss it.

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Stay in Family-Friendly Hotels

You can get to Alicante via plane from any of the main Spanish cities. Then, you can rent a car at to get to the best Alicante hotels.

And if you’re with your family, Alicante has a lot of family-friendly hotels.

The most popular hotels make sure they meet your family’s needs. They often have lush gardens and swimming pools where everyone can enjoy and relax in a serene setting.

For the kids, amusement parks are easily accessible. Meanwhile, you can find hotels that offer a breathtaking view of the sea, which you and your significant other can marvel together.

Walk on Fine Sand Beaches

Alicante is in Costa Blanca, which is famous for its white-sand beaches.

Enjoy the attractive views and the cool and quiet mornings with your family. Build sandcastles, explore the surroundings, and have a quality, fun time with the children.

A popular beach to visit is Tabarca Island. It’s a small and wild island with mesmerizing flora and fauna. If you want your family to be even closer to nature, this is the place to go.

Have Fun in Leisure Parks

The quality of amusement and leisure parks in Alicante and Costa Blanca is something you and your family will remember long after your trip is over.

Visit the Aqua Natura water park with six water slides and a wave pool. Learn together how to swim like a mermaid (and dress like one, too!).

The Terra Natura Park, meanwhile, is also a must-visit. It’s a new age zoo that offers immersive business and exhilarating contact with animals.

Time Travel Through History

Alicante is also rich in heritage and historical places. The seaside resorts promise to help you have fun with your family and learn a thing or two about history at the same time.

An example is Benidorm, an interesting architectural heritage resort. It was one of the first seaside resorts that peaked during the 60s because of its vertical build.

Savor the Local Specialties

If you like food and want to treat your family to a fantastic eating experience, Alicante also has a lot to offer.

Savor local specialties like the Arroz a banda, which is rice cooked in fish stock. It’s served with aioli or paella that’s 100% Alicante-made.

More Unique Places to Visit

Alicante never runs out of unique offerings to tourists and travelers. There are more breathtaking and authentic places to visit here, including:

The Castle of Santa Barbara looms over the city and provides a magnificent view of the Bay of Alicante. Santa Cruz offers colorful houses, spectacular graffiti, wandering streets, and more.

Explanada de España is a seaside promenade popular for its 650,000 blue, white, and red tiles that cover its walkway.

Overall, Alicante is a place where you can have fun, relax, and have a memorable trip with your family and loved ones.

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