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Cruise Ship vacations are a very popular choice for those who want a relaxing yet enjoyable vacation. You get to see all sorts of views, enjoy the balmy weather, and participate in several activities without having to hike long miles. Being on a cruise ship also means that you get a feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world. This can be a liberating feeling and just what many people need to release the tension in their minds.

However, there are now so many cruise ship vacations available that finding the best one might be a challenge. We want the best kind of food, a lot of fun activities, fine entertainment, and all the top amenities possible when travelling on water.  If you take the time to do your research, many of the cruise vacations on offer might be better than the ones you can plan on land. You can make your search easier by checking out the details of these cruise ship vacations now:

1. Crystal Luxury Cruise

Crystal Luxury Cruise

If luxury is what you’re looking for above all else, the Crystal Cruise is the perfect choice. It feels like one is at an exclusive club all the time, only this one floats on water. The luxury experience here includes personalized services, a one-to-one ratio for crew members and passengers, and several activities to make the time enjoyable.

Meals are provided when you’re on board the Crystal Cruise, but some passengers like to spend oodles of money on extras as well. The latter include a penthouse with a veranda, an exclusive chef’s table, and many other options. Make sure you stay healthy on this cruise in order to enjoy everything on offer.

2. Regent Seven Seas

Regent Seven Seas

The Regent Seven Seas Cruises are a close second to the Crystal options. If you opt for these and expect luxury, you won’t be disappointed. First off, every passenger gets a suite instead of a simple room. What’s more, they can expect the staff to cater to their every need while on board.

The teak decks and marble atrium make for beautiful surroundings, so taking a picture for your social media accounts will be a breeze. Shore excursions are also included, while you can even get to the ship a day early and enjoy a complimentary breakfast.

Regent is also one of the very few lines that actually delivers an all-inclusive experience instead of just claiming it. Once you pay the fare, you get the shore excursions, the spa treatments, and Wi-Fi connection plus restaurant dinners without having to pay a penny more. What’s more, this fare even includes the airfare to get home.

Of course, this does mean that the price of this cruise is fairly high. Take into account all the amenities plus the peace of mind, and the deal really does seem like a good one.

3. The Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival Cruise Line

While the mention of a cruise conjures up images of luxury for most, there are also several options for folks who prefer cruise ship backpacking and other budget choices.

The Carnival Cruise Line is one of these options; they’re designed for the masses and full of features (at least the new ones are). You can enjoy some kids-free time on the Serenity Deck, while the food options include mouthwatering choices like the Blue Iguana Cantina and Guy’s Burger Joint–both available at no extra cost.

Even if you take the cheapest cabins on these cruises, you’ll have around 185 square feet to move around in. When you consider that other lines have no more than 114 square feet at times, this space seems fairly large.

4. Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines

The Norwegian Cruise Lines are another budget option which might appeal to many people looking for a vacation. They have cruises taking people to the Caribbean, with their multi-day options resulting in a very reasonable price. For instance, if you travel from New York and head towards the Caribbean, the average cost will be under $80 a day. Some options might even go even lower to almost $50 per day.

The low price might make you skeptical of the quality and availability of the services provided. However, there are several amenities available in the Jewel-class ships, including deals without surcharges for single residents. If you’re in the mood to explore, there are also exotic, unusual destinations like the Great Stirrup Cay. This place has the best beaches, perhaps even better than the ones on the Caribbean boat.

5. Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions

Not all cruises have to be on the sea or ocean. Many people prefer river cruises like the ones provided by Aqua expeditions. This option offers a riverboat with a sleek body, a menu from a top chef in Peru, naturalist guides to update us on the Amazon, and friendly staff. The guides are genuinely passionate about their work and would gladly inform you of anything without their knowledge.

Basically, this cruise gives its passengers a boutique hotel experience, with many distinguished guests and a magical atmosphere to it all.

6. Ama Waterways

Ama Waterways

Cruise ships on rivers might seem to become a bit uniform after a while, but this family-owned fleet seems to present a unique experience. It’s more luxurious than you would expect a river line to be, with a boutique-like setting and large rooms and windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling.

Most of the rooms here also boast twin balconies. There are several types of sailings to choose from, including safari excursions in Africa and a trip to the Rhine Christmas market.

This particular cruise line might be the best choice if you’re bringing kids along. The line is in partnership with Disney, so the cruise has the rare quality of encouraging children to join and participate in cruise activities.

7. A Themed Cruise

A Themed Cruise

The 80s sitcom called the ‘Golden Girls’ is still fondly remembered by fans today. It’s also enjoyed by the later generations, with its unique setup and spot-on dialogues. If someone is a diehard fan of these golden girls, they can now get the cruise entitled “The Golden Girls At Sea: A Fan Cruise ”. This theme allows diehard fans to experience Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia in a new, unprecedented way.

The sitcom behind this theme was based on the stories of four somewhat elderly women who live together in Miami. True to the theme, the cruise ship leaves from Miami and Nebraska on a sea adventure lasting five nights. On the ship itself, there’s the promise of several shows with a Golden Girls Theme, a discussion with Stan Zimmerman (the show’s original writer), karaoke, and a contest for the best costume.

The tickets for this quirky cruise are quite pricey, with $250 for a cabin and $1000 for a suite.  Even so, this offering sells out very quickly. You might want to grab your ticket while there’s still time.


Whether you’re on a cruise ship in the ocean, river, or sea, remember that there’s something for everyone on board. We have the traditional large ship for cruising as well as smaller ones for a more affordable option. Choose carefully before making a decision, and follow your instinct about what you (and those travelling with you) want for your vacation.


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