Luxury Cruise for Backpackers? That Dream Could Soon Become a Reality


A cruising experience with the Titanic-like luxury seems like a far stretch for backpackers. After all, we’re used to sharing accommodation with several other travelers, packing a few clothes, and sometimes going days without taking a proper shower. With that said, it’s possible to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise experience without financial distress. All it requires is a little planning on your part.


With the right research and the right package, you can have the fun of a lifetime while you are on board. So, if you want to jumpstart your luxury cruise tour planning, here are some things that might come in handy to you.

Reasons to Go On a Luxury Cruise Trip

Here’s why a luxury cruise experience will be totally worth your money:

1. Luxury Accommodations 

Whether you opt for a stateroom with a balcony or all ocean views, you will totally fall in love with what a luxury cruise has to offer in terms of accommodation. These rooms and suites are actually “luxury” and you will enjoy every single moment while staying there. From hot bath tubs to magnifying mirrors to your own personal dressing table, you’ll get all of if on a luxury cruise. Get ready to feel pampered. 

2. Free Beverages 

There are some luxury lines out there that serve free beverages. Whether it’s alcohol, some soft drink or a cup of coffee, you can get it all for free and it will be included in your package. Again, it’s all about finding the right cruise line and the right luxury cruise. However, if you are someone who has expensive taste when it comes to alcoholic beverage (for example, you only drink Chateau Mouton Rothschild, etc.), then yes, you’ll have to pay a little extra money.

3. Exclusive Events and Free Shore Excursions

No matter your budget, you’ll always love the idea of a freebie, Upgrade to a luxury cruise right now and enjoy all the exclusive free events and the shore excursions too. You see, it all falls back to the cruise line you are opting for. There are some great cruise lines out there that have the best and the most affordable possible luxury cruise packages. On top of everything, you get to enjoy the most exclusive events on these cruise ships for absolutely no money! Yes, they are free and this isn’t something you can enjoy on a mainstream mega ship. 

These are some of the reasons why you should upgrade to a luxury cruise. 

If you search the internet, you’ll probably find a lot more reasons to jump the luxury ship, but the ones we just mentioned are the major ones. 

Now, if you are thinking about planning a luxury cruise, then stick with us till the end. We are going to jot down a quick guide for all the backpackers out there so that you can enjoy the best time of your life. 

Deciding Where to Go 

The first thing you need to figure out is your destination or where you are planning to go and for how many days/weeks. There are so many choices out there. Everyday a cruise sets out for a new region so you can easily get confused on where to go and for how many days should you take the trip. As far as our suggestion goes, you should opt for Tropical cruises because they can help you enjoy the sea, the sandy islands and the Sun in the best possible way. However, if you are more of an explorer then choose the Alaskan cruises and trek through the glaciers and the most beautiful views in Norway. It all depends on you and what you want. 

The Right Time to Book Your Luxury Cruise

Cruise prices keep changing and they are never fixed, which is a big problem because people just can’t decide when to book a luxury cruise. The wise thing to do here is to book your cruise as early as possible. The earlier you make a booking, the cheaper it’s going to be. Prices are reduced when the season is off and in such a situation instead of getting excited and booking a cruise, make sure to know why the season is “off”. Is it because a hurricane is expected or is it even safe to travel in the ocean? Figure it out first and then make a booking accordingly. 

Choosing The Luxury Cruise Accommodation 

Take as much time as you can to choose the right luxury cruise accommodation. There are so many options you can go for so just be sure that the accommodation you are opting for aligns with your needs, your taste and, of course, your budget. Your accommodation can make or break your luxury cruise experience so don’t rush this decision and decide what seems the best option to you. 

Final Verdict

We hope that by now you know why you should be upgrading to a luxury cruise and how you should book your cruise tour. The process is simple and the only thing you need to make sure is to book your tickets and plan your tour before time. The earlier you book your cruise, and the more you research the cruise lines, the better your experience is going to be.

The best way to go about it? Don’t waste any more time and search up some luxury cruise deals. Make your bookings, pack your bags and enjoy sailing through the ocean in a luxury cruise. We assure you that your money won’t go to waste and you will have the best time of your life on the ship, especially if you have the right company with you. The next steps? Fire up Google and search for keywords like “luxury cruise deals,” “luxury cruise discounts,” and “budget-friendly cruise” to get things going.


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