Exotic and Unusual Cruises


Doing something different than the usual boring routine always brings some new experiences. If you want to have an adventurous vacation in the deep blue waters, then here is a list of some exotic and unusual cruise destinations to pick from. Choosing one of these will surely be an unforgettable experience. So, let’s go through these locations one by one.


1. Arctic

The Arctic, also known as the land of the midnight sun, is one of the most desirable cruise destinations to visit. The Arctic occupies six percent of the earth’s surface. The place is rich in wildlife, beautiful landscapes, native tribes, and natural events. In winters, the polar bears, which are famous as the “kings of the Arctic”, are the center of attraction for the tourists. Other species that you may encounter include seals, whales, walruses, reindeer, and muskoxen. Not to forget the northern lights i.e. the aurora borealis. This natural phenomenon will be one of those experiences that is almost next to unbelievable to eyes.

Many people consider visiting this place in the summer season to have a view of the 24-hour sunlight. You can see the sun shining even at midnight and that is the reason it is called the land of the midnight sun. It is also during this season when the flowers bloom to their full and present a fabulous display of colors. There are some arctic cruise lines that offer sailing into the “Arctic Circle”, all the year round. The foremost decision you should take before heading towards this mesmerizing place is whether to go in the summer or winter season. Once you plan everything accordingly, your next voyage to this unusual cruise would be really exciting.

2. Amazon River

Amazon River is the largest river in South America and one of the most adventurous cruise itineraries. Also, in terms of discharge by volume, it is the world’s largest river. Piranha fishing is the main highlight of the cruise.

Other wild animals found in the region include sloths, monkeys, parrots, canopy and the pink dolphin. Alongside the river, there are thick and dense forests that become flooded during the rainy season. The Amazon River flows from Guiana, all the way through the Brazilian rainforest, to Peru. One way to sail up in the Amazon River is by using motorboats or canoes. But for a more comfortable trip, go for a well-built riverboat or a cruise ship.

The months from December to April are marked as the flood season while the dry season starts from May and lasts till November. But the rainforest is very unpredictable in terms of weather; it can have rain at any time of the year, so you should pack accordingly. The dry season is comparatively less wet and is a better time to explore this fantastic landscape.

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3. Middle East

The cruise region of the Middle East comprises of the Arab countries that border the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and also the southeastern Mediterranean. This exotic location is mostly flocked by the Europeans in the winters. While on the itinerary, you will have an overwhelming experience of some of the world’s most famous historic sites like the pyramids of Egypt and the lost city of Petra in Jordan.

The pyramids of Giza and the temple of Luxor further enchant the history fans. At the same time, you can have the fascinating sight of the gleaming beaches and hotels in Dubai, the wildlife sanctuary in Jebel Ali and the lively seaport of Aqaba. Thus, it is a perfect mix of the new and the old. The best time to plan for this unusual cruise is from December to March because the other months are rather blazing hot in the Middle East.  

The uniqueness of this region lies in the way they have merged innovation with history. The itineraries include the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Nile River, and the Holy Land. Nile River cruise is a worth-seeking cruise as it gives you a chance to view the ancient monuments of great Egypt.

Other best attractions for middle east cruising include:

  • Aqaba, Jordan
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Muscat, Oman
  • Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE

4. Africa

It is another exotic cruise that ought to be in our bucket list. The combination of African cruise and land safari is a must-have experience if you like having a thrilling experience. The topmost attraction in Africa is the wildlife. You can see the lions, giraffes and the zebras in the wilderness parks and if you want to see the stunning beaches of Seychelles or the green forests of Madagascar, you will have to take the African cruise that sails from Cape Town to Kenya.

The best time to opt for the African cruise is from November to May as the weather is mild during these months. Some cruise lines, however, offer sailing throughout the year like the Indian Ocean islands. From January to March falls the Kenya Safari time and if you want to sail in the Chobe River then it is recommended that you plan your cruise trip between May and November. The most famous itinerary in this region is South Africa and Southeast Africa. These last for more than two weeks or a minimum of ten days.

5. Antarctica

With only 35,000 tourists visiting each year, Antarctica is the least visited continent that covers about 10% of the total surface of the earth. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything worth seeing in Antarctica, in fact, there is a number of things to experience there but not everyone has the guts to do it.

Apart from the remarkable scenery and the abundance of ice, the real highlights are the penguins and the marine animals i.e. the seals and the whales. The huge glaciers and icebergs remain unmatched. The most suitable time period to visit and cruise Antarctica is from November to March, as December and January are the busiest months. It is in these months that the whales arrive and the new penguin chicks come out. Also, the days are quite long and the temperature is bearable.

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To visit the Antarctic Peninsula, the cruises mostly leave from Argentina and Ushuaia. Deception Island and Elephant Island are some of the important cruise ports. If you think you can bear the extreme temperature then the Antarctica cruise, indeed, will be a matchless experience for you.


For an extraordinary and memorable adventure, grab your stuff and plan your next itinerary to one of these exotic and unusual cruises that are second to none. Happy Cruising!



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