Tickets to Bulgaria, Burgas: cheap tickets and flights

Tickets to Bulgaria, Burgas cheap tickets and flights

The easiest way to get to Bulgaria is to buy a plane ticket. But the price of air travel in different companies can vary significantly. This article deals with basic ways to save on a flight to Bulgaria and provides useful tools to track the lowest prices for the purchase of airline tickets.

The proposed tools have ones, which are not obvious, but they are a very important advantage. In search results you see exactly the final prices, which include all additional payments, discounts, taxes and currency manipulation. We do not have a situation when you see in the search an attractive price, and when buying a ticket to this price there is also an additional insurance, preferential refund or informing. All additional options are disabled by default. You will not overpay for a ticket.

That is why, in rare cases, the price may seem a little bit higher, but at the stage of booking you will see that it is really the lowest, and from your card will be debited exactly the amount at which you were expected to pay.

In general, we are against various marketing tricks from a category “buy a ticket for 500 dollars and pay a fuel surcharge 1000 dollars, which is not shown in a price.” All tickets and services on our website are displayed with honest and final prices.

Major airports in Bulgaria – where to fly?

Bulgaria has two major airports – in Burgas and in Varna. We encourage you to choose the airport in Burgas: prices are often lower, and it is more convenient when getting to popular resorts such as Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Ravda or Pomorie. An airport in Varna is suitable for those who are planning for a vacation in Balchik, Golden Sands and Albena.

We have selected the cheapest flights to the airports of Burgas and Varna on nearest dates. Use with pleasure:

How to search for the cheapest tickets to Bulgaria

Cheap tickets can be purchased only if you are not too principled departure date. It often happens that after 3-4 days, a ticket costs two times cheaper than today. Prices also change often depending on how well tickets are sold out.

To make it most convenient in searching for cheap tickets for different dates, we have prepared a calendar of low prices. You need to specify the airport of departure, choose the period of your stay (if necessary) to set the search to only direct flights, and select the currency in which the price will be displayed. Then, our system will automatically find the cheapest tickets for every day of the year.

Note: prices in this form are not 100% accurate, and to process such an enormous amount of information quickly is not possible (it shows the price of a previous day, which, in 99% of cases have not changed), and therefore it is possible to see small changes in prices on the booking stage. Check carefully!

Search for flight tickets from your city

In 2016, the era of meta searches continued – specific search web-sites that compare ticket prices of all airlines and allow you to choose what’s the cheapest and most convenient. In most cases, buying a ticket at meta search websites is even cheaper than directly from the airline, because of the discounts they provide due to the quite large volumes of ticket sales.

Waiting for cheap airline tickets

Prices of flight tickets to Bulgaria change very often, as in flight tickets to other countries. Sometimes buying a ticket “in time”, you can save up to 50%. But keeping track of all price changes is very difficult. To make this process simpler and more comfortable, we offer to subscribe to the cheapest tickets for direction you want. So you will not miss any discounts or special offers!

Other services for flying off to Bulgaria:

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