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You can organize cheap holidays in Bulgaria in two ways: by choosing a tour or buying tickets by yourself. Additional must-have preparations include booking a hotel or apartment, getting an insurance and taking care of transfer from the airport to your resort.

This article attempts to detail on how to book a cheap tour to Bulgaria via the Internet, without overpaying to the travel agency. Savings often reach 15%, and on peak tours, there are 70% savings.

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What to choose: a package tour or a self-organized holiday?

The option you choose will affect very little for the final expenses.

Packaged tours: When you buying a ticket to Bulgaria with a travel you save a lot of time and energy – you don`t need to wait for a cheap air flight, choose a hotel for a long time and аrange for an insurance. Those are some of its biggest advantages.

In many cases, the prices of the packages may be even lower compared to a DIY tour. But there is a disadvantage to this approach. You will have to choose a hotel from hundreds of popular options, and not from tens of thousands that exist realistically. As the dates of vacation and hotel stays are fixed, there is little room for flexiblity.

Planning a holiday by your own: One of the advantages is that you can stay wherever you want. If you wish, you can even rent an apartment on AirBnB instead of a hotel. If you are planning for a long vacation, you can book several different hotels in your favorite Bulgarian resorts – so you will get much more impressions. The price of such a holiday depends on the dates you choose – you can go on a cheap or an expensive holiday.

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The best way to find tours to Bulgaria via the Internet

Do you want to save on the tour to Bulgaria from 5% of its cost? Try to buy it online!

Why you should not go to the agency

99% of travel agencies, whose beautiful signs hang on the streets of your city, do not organize tours. They search for them with meta-finders, choose a couple of the most profitable options (with a large commission for themselves or just the cheapest) and offer them to you. In this case, often the agent who will sell you a tour, for the first time promotes not only about a particular hotel, but also about the resorts of Bulgaria in general. The benefits of his advice will be very little.

For such a search and assistance in processing the documents, the travel agency takes an average of 10-12% of the tour cost – this money goes to workers’ salaries, office rent, company profits and a new car for the director.

On the Internet, there are several available meta-searches for tours. Most of them, just like the travel agent, are looking for offers among the major tour operators (those companies organize tours, but rarely sell them by themselves). Plus the number of sales passes from popular search engines more than in a small travel agency. For this they receive additional discounts.

Buying a ticket to Bulgaria via the Internet you pay only 1%-5% more than the cost of the trip. So you can save up to 100 euros out of the blue!

How to buy a ticket to Bulgaria via the Internet?

Popularity of a travel tour website (based on the search engine results) is one reliable indicator of its efficiency and dependability. For us, we chose On this site we were able to find the lowest prices for both summer and winter holidays in Bulgaria. The site have a very good choice – from the cheapest hotels to five-star hotels with the all-inclusive system, and a convenient system of filters will allow you to quickly pick the perfect option for your own needs. And many more useful feature “Track the price”, so you can try to wait for the lowest price for a ticket.

An alternative option to find cheap tours to Bulgaria

Basing it on our personal experience, the previous search engine of cheap tours to Bulgaria is much more convenient. It have more options there, and the prices are slightly lower. But sometimes if you can not find the perfect tour, we recommend using an alternative service It’s more known and works longer. But the prices of tours to Bulgaria are sometimes slightly higher.

We advise you, when searching for the best option for a holiday in Bulgaria, to compare tours found by two search engines – this is the best option. The spread of prices can sometimes reach twenty euros.

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