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Ravda may be small compared to its neighboring coastal areas on the Black Sea, but it is rapidly growing. Despite the proliferation of resorts, high-rise modern hotels and residential complexes, it still manages to maintain its beautiful nature, clean and fresh air and clear light-blue waters. Compared to Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, prices of goods and services in Ravda are fairly low. All of these factors make Ravda an ideal place for a summer holiday.


The legends of Ravda

There are many legends that tell us on how this wonderful village came to be, and how it got its name.

One of these folklore tales depicts that a few centuries ago, the land belonged to a very wealthy but evil and cruel landowner who beat up his workers with a stick called “ravdas.”

Another legend has it that centuries ago, shepherds came for the first time in the territory and settled there. The village was named after one of the shepherds, named Ravadin.

The most interesting and fantastic legend goes to this one: Neptune fell in love with a beautiful girl named Ravdalina and wanted to take her to depths of the sea with him. But she refused. Infuriated by her rejection, he sent a powerful water storm to destroy the island where she lived. However, other gods prevented the disaster, which resulted into several beautiful coves.

Staying in Ravda

In Ravda there are a lot of hotels, each one of them is unique in its own way. Some tourists are afraid of chaotic and atypical buildings. To us, who are accustomed to the same type buildings in the post-Soviet countries, it seemed original and non-trivial to do this.

A lot of of free space seems to be reserved for future buildings and constructions. So, hiking from Nessebar to Pomorie through Ravda and Aheloy, we saw both waste grounds and already “reserved” lands.

Among all the other developments in the village, the most significant we saw was the presence of a water park, which was built in 2006. From the side of the roadway it seemed that it was located in the thickets among fields. But to be honest, we didn’t think that it was that old, and otherwise we thought that it was still operating during the time we visited it.

Along almost the entire main street there are many shops, gift shops, restaurants and tavernas. Also there it is working an amusement park with various attractions and carousels, so that the children do not get bored. On the territory of Ravda there are entertainments for young people – night discos.

Central Square of Ravda is decorated with Municipality building. There are a library, a medical center and a post office. Directly in front of the building there is an interesting fountain. At the touristic period it is opened every day, delighting the vacationers. On the opposite side of the street, a little inland, is situated the church of Agia Paraskevi. Despite its venerable age (the building was constructed in 1884), the temple stood for a long time in its original form. Only in 1998, its reconstruction was held.

Since the village is located very close to the city-museum Nessebar(about a 30 minute walk or 10-15 minute bus ride) and itself is not rich in historical and architectural delights, tourists love to visit the nearby more ancient resort. As we have noticed, evening excursions to Nessebar among tourists from Ravda are common thing.

The weather in Ravda

As all over Bulgaria, the climate of Ravda is mild. A lot of sunny days per year and a quiet calm sea make the village a favorite destination for families with children and for independent travelers who prefer a calm, measured rest.

The weather in Ravda is characterized by stability and balance (if I may say so), because the coastal strip is hidden from the cold winds behind the rocky headlands: Ravda and Akrotiria. The air temperature in summer rises up to +30°C, and the temperature of sea water in the middle of the season can rise up to +26°C. Swimming in the coastal waters of Ravda is possible from April till October.

The beaches of Ravda

We managed to find two small, but cozy beaches along the coast of the village. As their main plus is possible to consider the presence of all sorts of comforts: sun loungers, sunshades, cabins for changing clothes, free zones for travelers with a towel, water activities, café-bars and lifeguards on duty. The beaches are sandy and quite clean. However, early in the morning we saw a heap of seaweed right on the coast, that were quickly removed by workers (although, the problem with seaweed is typical for all Bulgarian coastal cities).

The first beach, that we found was called “Academica”. On the way there we saw the tree that was thickly plastered with cherry plums – fruits was lying on the ground in a small groups, and also they fell from the crown and rolled far down.

It was early morning, so we did not see a large number of swimmers, or those who like to lie on the beach. Beautiful blue sea – quiet and peaceful (thanks to the breakwaters) – was lapped at our feet.

The second was the South Beach. On its territory was planned and continues to build a beautiful park. However, at the time of our stay, the slopes were more like a fairy-tale road from “The Wizard of Oz”, the laid between the young trees and equipped with benches and lanterns.

The sun was hot already strongly, so no wonder that on the coast and in the sea were many satisfied tourists, and many fishermen on the pier, who rested in their own way (with fishing rods).

Apart from the listed, there are also wild beaches in Ravda. The descent to them is not very convenient, and sometimes the entry into the water is poor. But this is compensated by the crystal clear water and a small number of tourists.

Hotels of Ravda

The main “attraction” of the village and its pride is a hotel complex “Esmeralda”, located on the outskirts of Ravda. According to some information it was built by Philip Kirkorov (according to other sources he only owns 14 apartments).

In the village you can apply for every taste and budget: there are expensive prestigious hotels, family hotels, private apartments and the usual wooden houses. The prices are lower, than in more famous seaside towns such as Nessebar, Sunny Beach or Golden Sands. At the same time, the resort of Ravda is gradually and steadily gaining momentum, which means that soon the cost of services there will grow up too.

Buying a property in the village is very popular. Tourists (especially Russians) are attracted by a quiet and relaxing holiday at the Black Sea coast away from the hustle and bustle.

Below is represented a small selection of hotels in Ravda. The quality of service and quite affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Reviews of Ravda

Despite the negative reviews, we liked Ravda.

Cute motley hotels and hotel complexes, cozy cottages, beautiful flowers and green areas, sympathetic and friendly people. In Ravda there is no cultural entertainment, so for those who love outdoor activities and night life tour will be boring here.

Often on the shore and in the water you can stumble upon green algae, but as we have noticed, this is a problem of all the coasts of Bulgaria. But in the village there is a clean air and a clear water surface(especially early in the morning, while campers do not stir up the water).

In Ravda there are many restaurants, cafes, fast food establishments and souvenir shops. There are an amusement park and a water park, a library and a post office. Here you can inexpensively rent a car and apartments. Nearby there are the popular resorts of Nessebar and Burgas.

And the main thing: it does not matter good or bad you have heard about the rest on the Bulgarian coast, we advise to check everything personally before making hasty conclusions.

Photos of Ravda

For those, who want personally verify the correctness of the choice of the resort and also for all lovers of beautiful photos, we made our own photo selection. We wish you a good and enjoyable holiday in sunny Bulgaria!

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