Fitness Vacation Spots in the World


Not everyone’s idea of a vacation is lounging under the sun’s tropical rays in a pristine beach with a colorful cocktail in one hand and a romance book in another. We all need rest and relaxation, but sometimes, there’s no way to recharge better than getting your body moving. Embarking on a fitness vacation – a retreat for the body – is something worth looking forward to. Whether you’re a gym regular, an outdoor adventurer, or a person looking for the mind and body connection, we got a trip for you.

A fitness vacation can also provide the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world whom you can share goals with. This can enhance your experience. These fitness havens offer different types of health programs, classes, and activities that can transform your life. There are many fitness vacation spots in the US, but if you’re willing to travel abroad, here are some of the vacation spots where you can travel:

1. BodyHoliday – Castries, St. Lucia

The BodyHoliday is an all-inclusive resort in Saint Lucia, where every day is jam-packed with fun activities. It’s one of the best spas in the world and one of the world’s most pleasurable holidays. They have a bold slogan that delivers: Give us your body for a week, and we’ll give you back your mind. Since this resort opened in 1988, it continues to win awards for its relaxing and rejuvenating wellness programs. When you stay here, you can enjoy a spa treatment every day.

But it’s not all about spa treatments and relaxation here. You can embark on fun fitness activities such as scuba diving, sailing, tennis, archery, yoga, tai chi, as well as more goal-oriented classes like Aqua Fit and Beach Boot Camp. For more athletic guests, they can provide adventure programs through challenging hikes, bikes, and climbs around the island. Here, you can trek to the top of Mount Gimie, which is the tallest mountain in the West Indies. There are also themed weeks when the activities are more specialized, and they invite sports pros like Olympians to teach, train, and pump up the guests with motivational talks.

2. Jungle Bay Resort and Spa – Point Mulatre, Dominica

Inside the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, you can explore the jungle and beaches of Dominica as you get into your best shape. This resort and spa is an award-winning wellness resort in the Carribean that provides the perfect blend of adventure, spa pampering, and delicious organic local cuisine. It comes with hot springs, waterfalls, and hikes. You can also embark on top-rated underwater snorkeling and dive adventures in this area.

Their Jungle Bay Dominica Fitness Camp offers seven days and six nights of jam-packed fitness activities. This week-long vacation includes pickup at the airport and drops off, a private jungle cottage, instructor-led fitness programs, and hikes, yoga, cooking and drumming classes, 30-minute spa treatments, all meals, and fresh juices, kayaking, snorkeling, and more. The adventure will have you canvasing the wilds of Dominica, as it offers moderate to difficult treks. And as you go adventuring, enjoy the view of the White River, Victoria Falls, and the Valley of Desolation. You can also explore the mind-blowing boiling lake and dips into the Titou Gorge.

3. Lucero Surf – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Sand, sun, and hours of private surf lessons – Lucero Surf can easily be like a paradise. Located in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, this beach resort is a hotspot for worldwide wave-chasers. Many people who arrived in this surf vacation spot fell in love with the area and decided to stay because of the pristine white beach and the thrilling surf and yoga packages for a reasonable price. The camp offers classes for everyone – youngsters and elderly, beginners, intermediates, and pros.

In Lucero surf, you can enjoy a six-night Costa Rican surf package so you can hit the hottest surf beaches, zip-line through Costa Rican brush, and take a day trip to Montezuma Waterfall. Also, you don’t have to bring your own board – the use of all gear is included in your package. Surfing is for the morning, while relaxation and Costa Rican nightlife are for the evenings.

4. Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa – Ainsworth, British Columbia

If you are overweight, feeling overworked, and in need of time to slow down, going to the Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa will surely help you. Spend quality time with the beautiful, natural landscapes in British Columbia to lower your stress levels, detoxify, increase energy levels, strengthen mental health, improve sleep quality, and of course, stay in shape in this place. When you get back home, you can make better nutrition choices, manage your stress, have more energy in the office, and reclaim your radiance.

The fitness retreats here are intense and geared towards advanced hikers looking to explore some serious elevation and miles, and they follow a daily schedule packed with fitness activities that can get your heart pumping. Afterward, you can soak in a hot spring swirling with essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, and sulfur. There are also on-site spa services, and the food they offer is clean gourmet selections.

5. Tiger Muay Thai – Phuket, Thailand

Are you ready for an intense martial arts training? Try out Muay Thai, and to ensure you’re getting an authentic training, go to Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand. Not only will you be getting fit but also knowledgeable in self-defense. Beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees can get a good experience here. They will have you powering through two 2 ½ hour classes a day to hone in footwork, stance, kicks, basic punches, elbows, and knees, along with defenses to these techniques. It’s a bit intense, but you can be fueled for maximum performance with amazing Thai food.

Besides Muay Thai, you can also train in MuayBoran, KrabiKrabong, wrestling, Western boxing, MMA, Bodyfit, cross-training, or yoga if you get the deluxe package. This training center is budget-friendly, and you can stay at a bare-necessities, on-site bungalow if you want to, though there’s a package for a more upscale hotel. Depending on the accommodations you choose, you can also have access to the pool and Jacuzzi.

6. Oodles Retreat – Alicante, Spain

While Oodles Retreat is an amazing event place, it’s home to cycling holidays that cater to all levels of athletes. If cycling is a way for you to get in shape, then you’ll enjoy your stay here. Their programs are adaptable to suit your particular needs. The luxury cycling holidays are for everyone, and the itineraries are designed for all types of riders.

What you’ll love about it is that the cycling location in Costa Blanca has a variety of bike routes to choose from – all of which offer striking mountain views. You can also explore interesting historical and cultural sites in your free time. Besides cycling, you can also enjoy a whole host of activities in Oodles Retreat, such as yoga, water sports, tennis coaching, boat trips, and more.

7. Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Epic, Caribbean, and European cruises

Who says you’ll only get fat on a cruise ship vacation? If you’re a fitness fanatic, choose Norweigian Cruise Lines if you want to take a vacation at sea. Take a trip with the Norwegian Sun – It’s the best mid-size ship for fitness. You don’t have to worry about taking a break in your fitness routines while in this ship because you may even level it p in here.

No matter what your sports of choice are, you can enjoy it here, whether if it’s basketball, soccer, rock climbing, golf, volleyball, bowling or dodgeball. They have facilities for these sports. Besides sports, you can also get into running, as they have a running track ten stories above the ocean. They also have a fitness center where you can drop by as many classes as you want, including yoga, spinning, and Pilates.


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