Fitness Vacation Spots in the US


Did you get off track in terms of your diet and exercise? Is life getting in the way of your fitness goals? Don’t worry, you can take a vacation and use it as a time to kick start your fitness goals and establish a healthy routine before the holidays come around. If you don’t know the benefits of fitness vacations, read here

If you want to stay close to home, there are a lot of fitness vacation spots in the US that you can go for, and travel to and from the vacation spot is less expensive. However, the costs of accommodation and amenities might be higher than those found in international destinations.

1. New Life Hiking Spa – Killington, Vermont


New Life Hiking Spa is a nationally recognized wellness retreat center, targeting those who need to lose weight, de-stress, and kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Since 1978, this spa has been providing affordable wellness and weight loss retreat programs in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The all-inclusive vacations range from three-night minimum stay to 21 days of an extended wellness retreat.

This location has everything you may want relating to fitness. Your days here can be intense or laid-back, depending on the schedule and activities you choose. You can go hiking in the mountain or take a nature walk; or go for their exercise programs that include chi kung, strength training, Zumba, Pilates, yoga, core, water aerobics, and more. After a day of vigorous exercise or hike, you can get a massage or facial at the resort, which is included with each three-night stay. Once you get back home, you are stronger, more relaxed, and fitter with more beautiful skin.  It is even great for developing a skin care routine for 20s and beyond.

2. Red Cliffs Lodge – Moab, Utah


Set on the Colorado River banks backed by high cliffs, the Red Cliffs Lodge is a relaxing and exciting place to be. The view of the red rock canyons surrounding the River and Gorge will take your breath away. It has a super Western vibe, which is great for living like a cowboy for a few days. This homey all-suite lodge is near Arches National Park, and the suites feature wood-paneled walls and log furniture.

Here, you can sign up for tennis, horseback riding, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, whitewater rafting, golfing, canyoneering, yoga, mindful running, and more. If you want to try new things at one location, set your next travel here. Plus, you can dine like a cowboy or cowgirl with hearty Western favorites.

3. Red Mountain Resort – George, Utah

Going to Red Mountain Resort a two-hour drive from Las Vegas, but you’re like transported to a different world. With a backdrop of canyons and red rock cliffs and easy access to nearby national parks, this resort is an inspiring setting to make your fitness goals come true. This place is distinguished for its diversity of vacation experiences, offering the right balance of relaxation and adventure. The wellness retreats offered here are suitable for any age and are optimized for every aspect of your well-being – not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual health.

Staying at this luxe oasis gives you access to amenities like nutrition seminars, personal training sessions, massages, and spas. They offer themed retreats like emotional fitness and weight loss. There’s an onsite adventure concierge that allows you to pick from outdoor activities like mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and mountain climbing. You can also have access to hotel fitness amenities, like strength training equipment, bikes, and pools. Also, places like this have plenty of transportation options that operate just like the Utah shuttle does, and can take you to other popular spots.

4. Canyon Ranch – Tucson, Arizona

Canyon Ranch is one of the most prestigious names in the world of spas. It’s a luxury lifestyle resort that offers the best relaxation and personal wellness initiatives. This resort is located on more than 150 acres in the iconic Sonoran Desert, and it features beautiful running trails, road bikes, and pools. It offers nutritious meals a day and accommodations with Southwestern flair. Canyon Ranch has locations in Lenox, Massachusetts; Woodside, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and at sea on various cruise lines. But it started in Tucson, Arizona.

If you’re serious about revitalizing your life, sign up in their Life Enhancement Center, which offers a seven-days-to-change program, and it has more than 30 years of a track record to back up that claim. Their structured curriculum can focus on weight loss, mindfulness, brain health, or spiritual renewal. It usually includes nutrition plans, fitness classes, goal setting, analysis, and strategizing sessions, and more.

5. Lake Austin Spa – Austin, Texas

The Lake Austin Spa isn’t the Texas you might have imagined – featuring rolling hills, stunning lakes, and lush greenery. It marries waterside luxury with welcoming comfort as you can arrive via water taxi transfer. It’s what you can consider a typical vacation, but with better programs and amenities for your health. The spa resort is packed with various fitness activities, spa treatments, wellness programs, healthy cuisine, and discovery sessions.

The Power of 7 Program is one of their great offerings. It’s a personalized, week-long program of unlimited fitness classes, discovery sessions, and special activities that are customized to meet your goals. The unlimited fitness classes refer to 27 cardio and dance classes, 16 strength, 30 meditation and yoga, and 11 aquatic classes. It also includes a $500 allowance for personal instruction, plus a $1,000 allowance for LakeHouse Spa treatments. You can also enjoy healthy gourmet meals a day. Once you’re here, you may never want to go back home!

6. Saddlebrooke Resort – Tampa, Florida

Sometimes you just need a fun and amazing getaway to help you get your head back in the game. If you’re serious about tennis and golf, Saddlebrooke Resort in sunny Tampa is the place to go. This award-winning resort offers fantastic tennis or golf packages, as packages include daily clinics with skill drills, a maximum student-to-instructor ratio of 4:1, a daily court time with a ball machine, and access to fitness activities and classes.

This resort is also a site for a celebrity sighting. At least on one of its 45 tennis courts, you may see spot someone famous. The resort’s walking village layout allows guests to stroll from the rooms to courts with ease. All the rooms and suites are clustered around the courtyards. And after a long day of playing tennis or golf, relax in the spa that offers specialty services like recovery treatments, body wraps, aromatherapies, hydrotherapies, and scented scrubs.

7. The Ashram – Calabasas, California

The Ashram is nestled in secluded foothills of Santa Monica Mountains. It’s the ultimate health and hiking retreat in California. If you need to challenge yourself, this is the place to be. Since 1974, the Ashram has been a serene setting wherein guests can enjoy a weeklong retreat that focuses on restorative exercise and healthy and mindful eating. A typical day here starts at 5:30 in the morning and is packed with numerous fitness classes, a four-hour hike, and yoga. The accommodation offers a cozy, communal home with zen-filled rooms. The resort also offers a variety of massages in their private cottages scattered throughout the grounds.

In here, you’ll be logging 70 hiking miles in just seven days. This can appear intense, but fellow retreaters support each other throughout every fitness challenge. But you can reward yourself with family-style vegetarian meals in its healthy, organic kitchen.


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