Bus timetable: Nessebar and Sunny Beach


Bus timetables in Nessebar and Sunny Beach are the same. Only they differ in departure / arrival time (maybe for 15-20 minutes). This is the reason why we decided to combine both of them in one article.

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The bus timetable from Nessebar and Sunny Beach and back with prices and time of routes can be found at the end of the article.

The location of a bus station and bus stops in the town of Nessebar and Sunny Beach – a map

We have mapped all bus stops of public transport (intercity buses) which we found Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Unfortunately, there is no such information on Yandex.Maps and Google Maps. The location of stops on a map is accurate enough, but you should bear in mind that sometimes they are located on both sides of the road with a distance of 100-150 meters between them.

In any case, the map would be definitely useful to you. Every bus stop is marked with a red marker, and with the image of a blue bus – a bus station in Sunny Beach. You can zoom in on the map to see where exactly is the bus stop that you need.

If you plan to travel to Burgas, we recommend to go to the southern bus stop in Nessebar, and if to Varna – to the north.

It is worth to consider that at the bus stop in Old Nessebar you will have to wait for a bus for longer, many of them just pass by.

To where and how to get from Nessebar and Sunny Beach

Nessebar and Sunny Beach are one of the best options for traveling across the resort part of Bulgaria. From here you can easily get to any seaside resort of the country – from Sozopol (in the south) to Balchik (in the north).

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To Burgas from Nessebar and Sunny Beach

Burgas – It is one of the largest cities on the coast of Bulgaria. The city is famous for its beautiful churches, lovely architecture and green parks. We especially liked the Seaside Park in Burgas and the exhibition of sand sculptures nearby. But shopping in Burgas was a disappointment for us – prices were quite high, there were a lot fake “branded” items and there was absolutely nothing special to choose.

Our advice: If you are traveling to Burgas, we recommend to split the route into two parts. First, get to Pomorie, walk in its old town, and then get to Burgas. It will not affect the price of tickets.

Ticket prices from Nessebar or Sunny Beach to Burgas – 6 levs. We recommend view the bus schedule of Burgas.

To Varna from Sunny Beach and Nessebar

Varna – It is the largest city on the Bulgarian coast. It is an interesting city not only for its beautiful architecture, magnificent temples and ancient history, but also for its entertainment. The country’s only Dolphinarium is located in Varna. Along the coast you can see several aqua parks, lots of large shopping centers, one of which – Grand Mall – is located right next to the bus station.

Varna also has the largest transport hub on the coast. From the city, you can not just go to any corner of the country, but also abroad. For instance: many popular routes to Balchik pass with a change in Varna.

A trip from Sunny Beach (or Nessebar) to Varna costs 12 levs .

We recommend to see: Bus timetable from Varna and back.

Nessebar or Sunny Beach – Pomorie

Pomorie – It is our favorite Bulgarian resort. If we decide to visit the country again, we will definitely come back here. At first glance, Pomorie is not a “touristy” town but it offers a surprising number of interesting sights, among which we would like to highlight: Lake Pomorie, the monastery of St. George and excellent beaches. A wild beach on the spit of Pomorie is something that we would recommend the most.

The ticket price from Nessebar to Pomorie was 3 levs. When we traveled back form the old city, the ticket price was 3.5 levs.

Our advice: next to the bus station in the old part of Pomorie there is a big market where you can buy cheap fresh fruits.

Nessebar (Sunny Beach) – Balchik with a change in Varna

To get from Sunny Beach or Nessebar to Balchik, you will need to travel with a change in Varna. In our experience, it turned to be out such a pleasure: 17 levs for a one-way trip (12 levs a ticket to Varna and 5 levs to Balchik ).

Our advice: if there are no tickets to Balchik, we recommend to get to Albena. This is very close and buses from Albena to Balchik run almost every 10 minutes.

We did not like Balchik. Apart from two unremarkable churches and three tiny museums, we did not find anything interesting there. And just a few steps from the tourist center, you can see the semi-abandoned town. This is especially true near the bus station of Balchik. But the Botanical Garden of Balchik is truly an amazingly beautiful place which we recommend to visit!

This will be useful for you: the schedule of routes from Balchik to Varna

Sunny Beach – Ravda (from Nessebar is easier to reach by foot)

To be honest, aside from nice beaches, we did not find anything interesting in Ravda. There are no special attractions, prices are almost the same as in Nessebar. On the outskirts of the city there is a small aqua park. There is also a very tiny amusement park, where you can go with children in the evening.

You can get to Ravda in 15-20 minutes by foot. If you do not really like to walk – a bus trip will cost you just 2 levs.

From Ravda all the same buses run from Nessebar and Sunny Beach.

Nessebar or Sunny Beach – Aheloy

Aheloy is a very small town, located approximately 500 meters from the sea. On the coast there are few luxury hotels, and if you cross the river (which is also called Aheloy) you will see very low-cost recreation centers with wooden buildings and wild beaches.

Arriving in Aheloy only makes sense for a wild beach on the spit of Pomorie and for the healing mud of Lake Pomorie, where you can see swans, pelicans, herons and cormorants in the wild.

A ticket to Aheloy costs only 2 levs.

Bus timetable from Nessebar and Sunny Beach and back

The proposed schedule of buses from Sunny Beach and Nessebar (and back) is convenient because not only it allows you to sort the city and time of departure and arrival, but it also indicates approximate prices of the ticket in levs, rubles, dollars, EUR and UAH. Ticket prices are one-way

Please note, that this schedule of routes shows only routes from Nessebar and Sunny Beach or to these cities. To search for routes between other resorts, you can use a full schedule.

We recommend: a full schedule of buses in Bulgaria


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