Balchik: buses and public transport


Balchik is not usually a good option in terms of tourism, unless you are in the hunt for something unusual. There is nothing to see there except the fantastic Botanical Garden, three small museums and a couple of unremarkable churches.

Also, you will hardly be able to visit other resorts and other points which are rich in attractions – Balchik is located in the north of the country. Even a journey to Varna, the nearest interesting city, will take about 40 minutes. And from Varna to Nessebar, for example, the trip takes more than two hours.

That is why the bus schedule from Balchik and back, that we offer here on this page, is only limited. The only nearest interesting resort which can be reached directly is Varna.

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Where are a bus station and bus stops in Balchik – map and description?

In Balchik there is bus station, but it does not look good. Even the sign has fallen off, and the building looks abandoned. But still, it serves in its basic function. Aside from taking the bus, people go there to check out the schedule and to purchase tickets . To find this place is not difficult. If you have to turn your back to the bus station, leaving the sea on the left side, you will see its back wall. To make it clearer, we have added a photo.

If you are planning to visit the Botanical Garden, it is advisable to ask the driver to stop the bus on the turn (we have noted this place on a map). Then simply go straight through a rather large park. To make sure you won’t get lost, take a navigator with you (you can download and install it to your smartphone).

To return, you can catch a bus directly at the gas station, next to which you left the bus, when you arrived. But we still advise you to visit the city to make your own opinion about it.

Why to visit Balchik and how to get there?

As mentioned, there is nothing to see much in Balchik except for the Botanical Garden and the Palace of Romanian Queen Maria. The palace also did not impress us – tourists are only allowed on the first two floors and inside there is nothing special. Outside it looks nice, but there is also nothing extraordinary.

But do not think that you can spend an hour here and go to Varna. To visit the Botanical Garden we advise you to allocate at least 3 hours of time – here it is very beautiful and interesting.

To where can you get from Balchik?

The nearest interesting city which can be reached from Balchik is Varna. The ticket will cost you  5 levs. And from Varna you can go to almost any corner of Bulgaria and even to neighboring countries, such as Romania, Turkey or Greece.

With the change in Varna we recommend you to go to Nessebar, Burgas or Pomorie. They are very interesting resorts with plenty of great attractions.

Of course, buses run also to other cities, but from the point of view of tourism, there is nothing special there. The most frequent routes are to Dobrich, Shabla, Kavarna, Rogachevo, Strazhets, Odartsi and Trigortsi.


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