What Are Memes? Can You Use Them For Your Business Marketing Purposes?

Internet is dominated by meme content. Memes can express real-life situations with a single image and humorous text. They are one of the funniest and clever ways to communicate with audiences.

If you’re trying to market your business, you might consider incorporating memes in your marketing campaign. Even those who aren’t addicted to social media platforms know the power of memes.

For business owners, it might be tempting to use the latest meme trends in their marketing strategies. As memes receive thousands of likes and shares, it leaves marketers to wonder how they can achieve the same success. Is it the right move to implement memes in your marketing campaigns? Here you’ll be answered all of your questions.

What are Memes?

Richard Dawkins wrote a book in 1976 called “The Selfish Gene”. This is where the word ‘meme’ has been used for the first time. However, in the book, the meme is used to describe the method through which cultural trends spread.

Today, memes from Meme Scout are referred to as images that are aligned with humorous texts. The message will not only highlight the sense of humor but also the situation of the images.

What Memes Are Extremely Popular?

The most famous memes on the internet are classics that have been dominating the internet for a couple of years. Whether they started on social networks or message boards, these famous memes are connected with nostalgia.

  • Condescending Wonka
  • Doge
  • Y u no
  • First World Problems
  • The most interesting man in the world
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Bad Luck Brian
  • Futurama Fry
  • One Does Not Simply
  • Aliens Guy

These memes have been reposted and reshared millions of times. Due to their popularity, everyone recognizes these popular memes instantly.

Are Memes Copyright Protected?

As businesses are searching for new marketing methods, many have successfully incorporated memes into their marketing campaign. However, professional business owners know the importance of copyright claims while it comes to uploading or sharing images on the internet. It’s crucial to take permission from the original creator to use their content. As per Sciencedirect, copyright protects the contents of the appropriate owner from online theft.

Most of the popular memes are copyright protected. Unless the picture is classified as public domain, it’s best to assume that you don’t have the rights to share it. If you use the memes without their permission, they might take legal action against you. However, the internet is a vast place. Hence, tracking down the copyright-protected images is close to impossible.

Should You Incorporate Memes in Your Marketing?

When memes started to dominate social media platforms, marketers all around the world started to use them in their content marketing campaigns. Business owners became so desperate that they were doing every possible thing to make the memes relevant to their brand. Even though some companies failed, many succeeded at incorporating memes in their marketing strategy.

Unlike other content, memes have a shorter lifespan. Before sharing the memes, don’t forget to check if the memes are still effective or not. However, just because you’re using memes for your marketing purposes doesn’t mean that you need to ignore the core branding strategy.


Using memes in your brand marketing strategy is undoubtedly a great choice. As memes are viral content, they will help you to increase the engagement rate of your brand.