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Vegetarian & Vegan Food In Hua Hin

For a small city, Hua Hin has a good selection of food for both vegans and vegetarians. There is the fairly new Hua Hin Vegan restaurant, as well as a number of smaller and more local shophouse style veggie places. Many restaurants will also have a selection of vegetarian dishes, with a more limited choice of vegan food. Most places will be happy to adapt the non-vegetarian dishes if you ask.

These are the five vegan restaurants we’ve managed to find.

Hua Hin Vegan Café & Wine


Hua Hin Vegan Café & Wine is a relatively upmarket vegan restaurant located in Hua Hin city center, about a 2-minute walk from the famous night market. For vegans, this is the place to go if you want a wide variety of food to choose from in a nice setting. They also serve beer and wine, which none of the other vegetarian places sell.

Address: Hua Hin Shopping Mall, 100 Phetkasem Road (at the junction with Soi 74/2) – opposite the clock tower and Starbucks

Opening Hours: 09:30-21:30 every day (last orders 21:00)

Muay&Joom Vegan


This is a family run vegan shophouse restaurant that we eat at a few times every week. It usually has a selection of around 6-10 hot dishes that you can have with rice. Come early though, as the choice is very limited after around noon.

They also sell very tasty vegan noodles that are served with a variety of soy protein.

As well as the above they have an extensive selection of fake meats, including duck and pork.

Address: 130/4 unnamed road (behind Hua HinSoi 70) – see Google Maps

Opening Hours: 07:00-17:00 every day

Ruean Thong


Ruean Thong is a small vegetarian eatery near the night market. The food here is almost totally vegan, although some dishes may contain egg. As with similar places they sell a range of ready cooked hot dishes that are served with rice, or made to order noodle soup.

Address: Sa Song Road (near the junction with Hua HinSoi 72)

Opening Hours: 06:00-16:00 every day

Lan Ah Han Jay (Behind Soi 70)

This is another shophouse vegan restaurant that has a range of hot dishes that are served with rice. As with other places, noodle dishes are also available. This shop is around 50 meters down the road from Muay&Joom. We have walked passed but never eaten there.

Address:33/2 unnamed road (behind Hua HinSoi 70) – see Google Maps

Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00 every day

Soi 94 Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe


This is a relatively new, mostly vegan café that might be a little difficult to find but is worth the effort. It’s just off the road that runs alongside the railway track between Soi 88 and Soi94. It’s almost directly opposite the rear entrance to Market Village, which you can easily see. Around halfway along the road there will be a turning from which you’ll be able to see the vegan café at the end of the road. Look for the big yellow sign.


The food at the café is cooked to order, unlike most other vegan places you’ll come across. The owner doesn’t speak very much English but the menu is in English and so it’s easy to order. Some dishes have egg in them but this can be omitted if you want.

If you search Google Maps for Nong’s Corner Café Garden you’ll see this vegetarian café marked on the same road.

Address: Railway road between Sou 88 and Soi 94

Opening Hours: Thu-Mon 08:00-20:00; Wed Closed

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