Travel To Interesting Cities

You can read all the books that you want, watch all the documentaries and stare in awe at what the award-winning photographs of important landmarks in the world however doing so will never match the experiences and memories you will create by traveling to those places yourself. The world is a massive and very diverse place, and by traveling you can learn a lot about the world that you live in and discover new things that you will fall in love with such as new sports and foods for example. In this travel to interesting cities article, we are going to be listing some of the top cities that you should consider traveling to.


Mexico City

The city of Mexico is one that very recently achieved significant importance in the world after Mexico City became the capital of the New Spain colony which was the Spanish Empire’s colony in North and South America. However, Mexico City is not a new city, historians and archaeologists agree that it has been occupied people for over ten thousand years before the arrival of the Spaniards, although the city of Mexico City in its current form was officially founded in the year 1325 by the Aztecs who named the city Tenochtitlan.

Some interesting attractions in Mexico City include the Chapultepec Castle which was built by a colonial overseer called Bernardo de Galvez with the building very popular in Mexican pop culture due to the widely believe conspiracy theories that de Galvez died from poisoning due to the Spanish crown believing that he will lose the castle that he was building to rebel against the Spanish government.

If you are looking for a more modern attraction than you have the Museo Soumaya which was built recently in 1994 by the richest Mexican Carlos Slim who for a few years was the richest person in his world, Slim built this unique looking museum as a charitable gift to Mexico City where tens of thousands of pieces of art will be stored and also as a way to honor his wife.

A further must-see attraction in Mexico City is what is known as the Plaza del Zocalo or simply as Zocalo which is a public square where the first constitution of Mexico was signed. Before being used by the Spanish, Zocalo square was used by the Aztec civilization as a gathering point.


Located on the strategically and economically important Bosporus Strait which allows access in and out of the Black Sea for countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia as well as for northern coastal cities. Due to this Istanbul has been a very important city for thousands of years, what is now the city of Istanbul was originally built by Roman emperor Constantine the Great with the city being known as Constantinople despite its official name being New Rome for the first few hundred years of its founding. It was later conquered by the Turks and renamed to Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul is the richest part of modern-day Turkey today and has a very large population which is more than two mines more than Bulgaria which is just a few hours away. Without a doubt, the most famous landmark in Istanbul is the Hagia Sophia which was originally a cathedral before being converted into a mosque when the Turks conquered the city from the Byzantium Empire.


Plovdiv is the smallest city on this listicle; however it is of large historical importance since Plovdiv is believed to be the oldest city in all of Europe that is still in existence to this day. The southern Bulgarian city is the second-most populous city in all of Bulgaria and has existed for over two thousand years since the 6th century B.C and was the capital of the Odrysian Kingdom which was a democratic union of 40 different Thracian tribes that joined together for protection.

This ancient past of the city of Plovdiv is present in its buildings which include the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis which is famous for being arguably the best-preserved Roman theatre in the entire world, the Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis which is a preserved Roman stadium and the ruins of Nebet Tepe which are ruins of an ancient city over four thousand years old that is no longer in existence and is today located within the confines of Plovdiv.


Tokyo is a city that you have very likely heard of, it is the capital of Japan and currently holds the crown of being the most populous city in the entire world with its population being in the 37th millionth which is why we had to feature it on this travel to interesting cities article. It is a modern city with a lot of opportunities available to experience all of the different aspects of experiencing Japanese culture from the modern to the old.

The city of Tokyo has appeared in numerous world-renowned cultural works including films such as Godzilla and the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Additionally, Tokyo has been featured in thousands of animes and manga comics which is Japan’s biggest cultural exports that is worth billions every year to Japan in exports.


One of Europe’s biggest, richest and most populated city, the City of London is well known for being the capital of the United Kingdom as well as the former capital of the British Empire which was the biggest empire that the world has ever seen that at its peak controlled an estimated 24% of all of the land area on Planet Earth which helped solidify London’s position as one of the leading cities in the world. You can learn more about traveling in Europe on the travel portal.

London is home to a higher than average number of world-renowned buildings such as Big Ben which when it was built in the mid-19th century was the biggest four-faced clock tower in the world, it is located next to the British parliament and just a short walk away from Kensington Palace which is the main residence of the British monarch. Additionally, there is the London Eye which when it was officially opened to the public in the early 2000s was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel.


Located on the Nile River, Cairo is one of Egypt’s most important cities culturally, economically, and also historically. Cairo was the capital of the Ancient Egyptian civilization which at one time was one of the world’s most advanced civilizations, in what is today the city of Cairo is located the remains of the city of Memphis which is was the main capital of Ancient Egypt and is one of the oldest known cities in human history that was founded in the 31st century B.C or over 5000 years ago although it is no longer in existence.

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Cairo is a cultural melting pot that has been home to numerous of the world’s biggest religions such as Ancient Egyptian religions, Judaism, early and Coptic Christianity as well as Islam which came last to the city. The city is proud of its multicultural past and present and you will see many different old and new religious buildings next to each other such as the Giza Necropolis which is the oldest World Wonder still to exist. Additionally, there is Old Cairo which is an old preserved part of Cairo that is essentially a neighboring made up of old buildings from the pre and post-Islamic history of Cairo.

Vatican City

Vatican City is a city-state, that is one of the most important places in the world for billions of people, so it is no surprise that is on this travel to interesting cities recommendation list. The city is the home of the Pope and it is the main holy place of Roman Catholics as well as many different Christian branches. Furthermore, the Vatican City is very unique for being one of the only countries to be located inside a city, with Vatican City being located inside the Italian capital of Rome.

The Vatican has a permanent population of fewer than one thousand people but sees millions of tourist every year, it is worth visiting such an important city in this world that despite its small size is home to a high density of world-famous buildings such as St. Peter’s Basilica and Sistine Chapel that you have likely heard of even if you don’t know what they are. Moreover, if you do research in advance about when the Pope will be doing a speech or public service then you will have the chance to see him in person, which is a very interesting thing to take part in as the Pope is the most powerful religious figure in the entire world.