Top Jeep Tops for Winter

Top Jeep Tops for Winter

Navigate snow-covered streets safely with the best Jeep tops for winter. While any top will do to keep out the elements, some are clearly better than others when the temperature drops. Compare the best features of hard tops, soft tops and fender flares for Jeep to prepare for the holiday season.

Hard Top Advantages

A hard top is the clear winner when it comes to indoor warmth and moisture protection. Whether winter is a time for a few cool days or feet of snowfall, a hard top uses thicker materials and improved waterproof technology to keep you protected.

Heavy layers of snow and ice can quickly bow a soft top. Don’t worry about a collapsed roof or sagging center thanks to a solid, dependable hard top. These tops are as durable as a traditional vehicle, so there’s no concern about it being overloaded with typical snowfall or a sudden blizzard.

Common Hard Top Features

Who says soft tops have all the fun? A soft top may be a great option for summertime fun, but a hard top comes with plenty of additional features to love in the cooler months. Here are just a few accessories you can expect with a solid or two-piece hard top:

  • Dome lights
  • Rear vents
  • Rear defrosters
  • Mesh pockets
  • Improved UV resistance and weight rating

One piece hard tops are the most common and straightforward. Install one of these and your Jeep will feel just like a conventional, insulated vehicle. One piece tops are firmly secured around to prevent any drafts or water issues.

A two piece hard tops still provide the same features and durable convenience, but they also let you open up and enjoy the fresh air. These tops are best for year-round use, as the roof opening helps mimic the top-down feel of a soft top Jeep.

Soft Top Options

If all you have are Jeep soft tops, you can still drive in the winter. Soft tops don’t have as much insulation, but your dependable heater is more than capable of keeping you warm in the cooler months. Be sure you have a full Jeep top, as a bikini top or half top aren’t going to keep you warm in the winter.

The best way to reduce ice on your windows is to warm up your Jeep before hitting the road. Unlike a hard top, a soft top in the winter can crack or become scratched if you attempt to remove snow and ice with a scraper or brush. Simply turn your Jeep on for 10 minutes with the heater blasting and watch all that ice and snow melt off for a warm, cozy ride.

Stay Warm This Winter

Settle into your favorite Jeep with the best winter-weather tops. Shop for a hard top, soft top or Jeep tires and rims online to prepare for snowy roads and bitter cold. With the right accessories at great prices, you’ll enjoy an excellent ride no matter the weather. Compare top features and sort them by your year and type of Jeep for hassle-free shopping convenience.

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