These five hacks will help you catch more fish

These five hacks will help you catch more fish

The proven method for catching a line of fish includes hauling your favorite fishing pole out of the garage along with your trusty tackle box and piling your lunchbox and waders into your truck before heading down the road to that solitary fishing hole you have loved for decades. As you well know, keeping to the same routine will prove useful. It also makes for a comfortable day of fishing. However, if you are interested in hacking a few of your fishing habits, you might find that your serene day at the lake or river is suddenly more exciting as you reel in fish after fish.

In fact, instead of coming home relaxed and happy with a few fish ready for frying, you might find yourself recovering from the adrenaline rush of attempting to keep up with all the giant fish that just would not stop biting. It might seem unbelievable, but some of these hacks will cause fish to give up before you even make that first cast. As many fishermen will tell you, as the fish see you preparing the hacks–right there in full view–they often simply give up and jump right into your boat.

1. Oiling local bait

Many people will bring their lures or bait with them. However, if you get your bait on location, you will find that the fish bite better. The reason is that the local bait or bait that you dig at the river often is the same food the fish eat on a daily basis. Because it is more recognizable and because it is food the fish already like, they will not hesitate.

In addition to using local bait, it is also a good practice to dip the bait into some type of fish oil. Doing so will allow the oil to disperse from the bait and attract fish due to its smell. This smell, of course, is part of what makes food delicious for fish, and they will be primed to bite as they zero in on the source of the oil.

2. Differentiating poles

When you are heading out to open sea, it can often get confusing about which fishing pole to use. As such, if you bring several rolls of colored masking tape, you can wrap a ring around poles to signify which pole you want to use.

3. Aerial view

Finding the right spot can be difficult if you are fishing in a new area. Of course, you know to look for logs or rocks, but if it is a new spot, finding these local fish hideouts can be difficult if you arrive early in the morning and the sun has not quite risen.

Instead of walking blindly up and down the river bank or by the side of the lake looking for some place that seems good, you can prepare ahead of time by using online maps. All you have to do is input a GPS coordinate or the address of a nearby building. Once the online map system fixes on that location, you can zoom in from above and look for rocks or bends in the river. Private spots on the lake will be easy to see, and you can plan your route. When you arrive, you can get situated much faster, allowing you to take advantage of the early hours when the fish begin to feast.

4. Binoculars

If you keep a pair of binoculars in your tackle box, you can use them to scour the sea for signs of seagulls or even dolphins. If you happen to spot other types of wildlife out on open water, there will likely be some type of food. If there is food that attracts animals from above, there will be larger fish down below. This is incredibly important in terms of saving time finding a location because out in open water, there are no landmarks or logs sticking up out of the water to indicate where fish might be hiding.

5. Rinse and repeat

Once the day is over and you have fallen in love with fishing charters, you will need to rinse your gear. Doing so will remove the salt that can build up on the line. For instance, the line will be wet as you reel it in. As it dries, the salt will gather inside the body of the reel. Over time, as this salt cakes, it can cause the line to stick or fail to cast. Rinsing the line and reel with fresh water will ensure every cast is smooth.

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Mark is the owner and director of True Blue Fishing company and a passionate deep sea fisher. He has a wealth of experience about the wonders of fishing. He aims to share his years of expertise to enhance the experience of those seeking deep-fishing adventure.

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