Is the Bulgarian Green Cat Still Green?

Varna is Bulgaria’s third-largest city, as well as the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and in the region of Northern Bulgaria. For nearly three millennia, the city has been a major economic, social, and cultural center due to its strategic location in the Gulf of Varna. Varna, formerly known as Odessos, grew from a Thracian seaside settlement to a major Black Sea seaport.

Varna is also a well-known important center in the fields of commerce, transportation, education, tourism, entertainment, and healthcare. The Bulgarian navy and merchant marine have their headquarters in the city, which is also known as the country’s maritime capital. At the same time, the European Council designated Varna as the seat of the Black Sea Euroregion. Varna received the title of European Youth Capital 2017 in 2014.

In addition, in the world and Bulgarian history, the oldest gold treasure, dating from 4600–4200 BC, was discovered inside the Varna necropolis. 294 burial sites have been discovered since the varna necropolis was discovered in 1974, with over 3000 golden items inside.

With all of this, there is a fun experience that the locals will remember for the rest of their lives.

Bulgarian Green Cat


A black cat crossing your path is considered unlucky, according to superstition. What about a green cat, though? Is this a good or bad omen? If you have ever been to Bulgaria, this emerald-colored cat might have caught your eye. This is a fun experience in the Bulgarian town of Varna.

A mysterious green cat has been spotted roaming the streets of Varna, Bulgaria. Varna is a popular tourist destination that also happens to be Bulgaria’s largest city and a seaside resort on the Black Sea coast. Residents were initially concerned that the stray was the intended victim of an ongoing malicious prank. On the other hand, the residents of the town had even started a Facebook group to track down the perpetrator. Because of its unusual color, the cat quickly attracted the attention of the locals. The case is quite mysterious, which is why photos of the strange emerald cat have been shared countless times across social networking sites, and the cat has become a viral sensation.

Surprise, surprise! A piece of good news for the people of the area. The truth has turned out to exist in a less sinister form, which will be attributed to the fact that the cat has been sleeping on top of an existing bag containing powdered green paint at a nearby garage.

According to reports, the residents of Varna were taken aback when the verdant feline went missing for three days, which was unusual for her. Because of her emerald coat and internet fame, many people suspected she had been kidnapped. A search was also launched, and thankfully, it was discovered that the kitty had not been abducted, but was simply being taken inside and given a good bath. Furthermore, local animal welfare groups, concerned for the cat’s health and welfare, took her inside and cleaned her up as best they could. However, it appears that locals were unwilling to risk losing her again, so an animal rescue team stepped in to wash her.

On the other hand, given the cat’s overall good health and her coat’s consistent coloring, cat lovers concluded the kitty dyed herself with non-toxic food or textile dye that was leaking by the barrel. After it was determined that their furry friend’s life was not in danger, townspeople and tourists celebrated the kitty’s unique cat-eristic, offering her treats inside in exchange for an existing quick peek at her curious coat.

Residents of the seaside town of Varna, Bulgaria, have taken a liking to their green feline, and sightings of her continue. Despite the fact that she has been significantly cleaned up and slightly plumper than in her previous photos, she still has some adorable green patches on top of parts of her coat. As a result, Varna’s most famous kitty now has a grassy-green tinge rather than her full psychedelic emerald green coloration. She is still out on the streets, frequently seen with an existing ginger cat that many believe is her son. Although her distinctively green color will be missed, the local is delighted to see the beautiful, natural color of the kitty’s coat beginning to emerge beneath the remnants of the green paint she happened to be sleeping on.

As a result, animal welfare organizations are hoping that the feline’s distinctive appearance will not influence owners to paint their cats. The RSPCA has issued a warning that dyeing or painting animals that are going to be adopted for cosmetic reasons could have fatal consequences. Some locals were also quoted as saying they believe the stray cat is turning greener by the day, fueling speculation that it is being painted.