Bulgaria’s Mysterious Emerald Cat


Back in 2019, photos of a green cat circulated on the internet. This caused a frenzy and made everyone asked why is this mysterious emerald-colored cat suddenly showed up in a small town in Bulgaria.

According to the caption of the then viral photos, the cat was spotted on the streets of Varna, which is a small Bulgarian seaside town. The cat quickly caught the local’s attention because of its different color. The case is quite mysterious, which is why the photos of the bizarre emerald cat were shared countless times across social networking sites, and the cat became a viral sensation.

Is the emerald cat real, or is it just another scheme?

As the photo went viral on the internet, several people also shared their thoughts and hypotheses on what could have caused the emerald green-ish color of the Bulgarian cat. One of the leading theories that most people on the internet agreed upon was that the poor animal was a victim of vandals, and someone must have thrown paint on the helpless cat. Several people believed the theory that they even created a Facebook group to help them find and capture the thugs that may have painted this cat green.

On the other hand, some people even speculated that this cat might be a new green cat breed. However, that theory was soon dismissed. Not long after that, there’s another crazy theory that emerged, and it was even crazier than the last one. People said that the mysterious emerald cat was a part of a radioactive experiment, which is why her fur turned emerald green. The people on the internet even went too far and said that she was the Hulk`s pet cat.

What is the real reason why a mysterious cat has emerald green fur?

After all the speculations and crazy theories, the explanation for this phenomenon is turned out to be simple: The residents of Varna said that the cat used to sleep in an abandoned garage where the previous owner stored green paint. Every night, the mysterious cat spent in the abandoned garage turned its fur to become more colorful.

Experts say that the ink that caused this will eventually fade and come out of the cat’s fur over time. They also stated that it’s nothing to worry about because they believed that the paint would not harm the cat. But one thing’s for sure; the paint turned the cat into an overnight celebrity.

Emerald Cat Conclusion

While most people feel sorry about what happened to the poor little stray cat, her turning green turned out to be a good thing because she has become an instant celebrity not just in her hometown of Varna but all over the world. In fact, there was even a time when people visited varna every day just to feed the cat and take pictures of her.

However, it seems that nature has taken its course because, after several months, the cat’s fur slowly loose its green tint and started returning to its natural color. There might be a few patches of green left here and there, but one thing’s for sure, the mysterious emerald cat put on some weight and became healthier than before.


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