How to Transfer Money Internationally: A Guide for Expats


Whether you have a business overseas or have family abroad, you may need to send money to another country on a regular basis. If you are new to the process, make sure that you learn as much as possible so that you get the most out of this service and avoid issues.

This article will provide a guide for expats on how to transfer money internationally, so that they can do this successfully.

Research Various Options

When it comes to transferring money internationally, you have many ways to achieve this, so you must do your due diligence to ensure that you pick the right option for you and your needs. Some of the options available include bank draft, wire transfer, or online remittance. If you only send money sporadically, the way you do it may not be that important to you. However, for those that do it more often, proper research into the different methods is crucial, due to the differences in how long it takes for some of the methods to successfully transfer the money as well as how costly each one is. Always make sure that you use a reliable and reputable provider.

Learn About The Exchange Rates

One of the most important factors to consider is the exchange rate and fees that are associated with each method of transfer. Every time you convert money from one currency to another, the exchange rate is applied, and this can fluctuate depending on the bank or company you use. Using your bank for regular money transfers may be ideal, as they may charge you appropriate fees. This is why you must search for the best online banks in 2022 so that you go with the one that charges the least. However, the cost is not the sole factor to consider – remember to consider the time exchange rate and how much your recipient will receive on their end.

Ensure You Have All Information Required

Certain methods of money transfer require a phone number or email, which can result in compatibility issues. As you can imagine, this may lead to problems with the money being accessed by the recipient. Depending on which form you are using, you may need a lot of information about yourself and the recipient, and any mistakes made can lead to delays in the transfer process. Make sure that you are aware of what information will be needed and gather everything to ensure the process goes smoothly. You should also make note of any reference number that is provided to you and only share this with your recipient.

Time Your Transfers

Currency volatility is the name given to the constant fluctuation in the currency’s value. This can be a real issue and you should protect yourself against this by planning your international money transfers. When you time your transfers, make sure that you take this into consideration so that the money received by the recipient is not as affected. Your recipient will receive more money if you send it at the right time. In addition to this, have in mind that bank and public holidays may incur delays to the transfer process, making you lose out on the better exchange rate. You may have to research the economy market to time your transfers accordingly, but as you get used to this, it will become easier for you.

Protect Yourself Against Scams

Whenever you think about transferring your money, particularly if you are still new to this process, you must think about the scams that exist out there so that you can avoid them. Finding a service that is trustworthy is paramount. Even if you know little about this, always trust your gut – if you feel that something is too good to be true, trust your instincts. Learn to look for the signs of a scam. Some of these include being asked to send money through abnormal methods if someone requests your personal information and passwords, or rushing through the process even when you are unsure of your questions. This is more likely to happen when you do not use a bank society, so do your research before deciding on a means to use, as discussed previously.

Avoid Using Mail

Those that feel reluctant to send money through banks or other corporations, may be inclined to send cash in the main. However, there are many issues with this method. Firstly, you are unable to track the money – so if it goes missing, you will be unable to get it back. Secondly, you will have to rely on the recipient to confirm whether the money has been received.

If you need to send money internationally, make sure that you do this correctly. This page should provide you with enough information on how to achieve this appropriately.


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