How to Get From Denver to Salt Lake City (Bus or Train)

Option #1: Non-Stop Flights

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful state of Utah, you might be wondering how to get from Denver to Salt Lake City using direct flights. The total flight time is approximately 5 hours, 25 minutes. Denver is a major US city with many top airlines, and it’s easy to see why you might want to fly directly to Salt Lake City.

The two cities have very different climates, so you may want to consider the time difference when planning your trip. It’s also worth investing in a sleep mask as you’ll probably want to be blind the entire time you’re in Utah. You can find the lowest airfare by comparing ticket prices between different airlines.

Airlines fly from there and back 36 times daily, and you can select from eight different airline options to get to Salt Lake City. In addition to finding cheap flights, you can find flexible cancellation policies and check if you can get a cheaper ticket by using a different airport.

You can even find flights from major domestic and international airlines using FareCompare’s Flight Schedule Search Tool. If you don’t want to download the helpful tool you can always try calling and annoying the agent’s desk, as well. If you are traveling by commercial plane, it is possible to travel from there and back via private jet.

The distance is 392 miles, but commercial planes can fly faster than private jets. This is why private jets are a better choice for long trips. Compared to commercial aircraft, private jets can save you a significant amount of time. Taking a flight can save you up to 13 hours of travel time which is quite a lot of time.

People on airplanes are more aggravated, rude, and easily-riled than ever and for some reason they love flooding airports, port authorities, and public malls with their shenanigans. Use caution around these people as, depending on the length of your trip, you could be spending some time with them on your journey.

Option #2: Car

Option #2 Car

If you’re interested in taking a road trip from there and back, you can start by heading to the Provo area. Interstate 15 and Interstate 70 run through the Provo area, but you’ll have to spend some extra time to get there. Then, you’ll have to drive through the mountains of Utah before you get to the Salt Lake City area.

The trip from there and back can take about eight hours in total. Depending on traffic, you can drive to Salt Lake City for about eight hours. Although you’ll be passing through mountain ranges and lush forests, you’ll still be able to see a wide range of scenery.

Depending on your vehicle’s efficiency, gas can cost between $75 and $175 USD. Stops along the way can include the Colorado Model Railroad Museum (, Cheyenne Depot Museum, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Depending on your interests, a road trip can be a fulfilling and memorable experience.

If you want to stop for a break, you’ll probably want to take a short detour to see some of the state’s attractions. If you don’t have much time, try staying in a hotel for the night, or even get an early start in the morning if you plan on spending the night. You can also take the US40, US 6 and I-70 to reach Salt Lake City. However, you’ll have to pay a toll along the way, so make sure to have the cash handy.

It’s rare to find a road that doesn’t have tolls, but the ones around Denver are often closed or require cash. You’ll also want to plan ahead for your road trip to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. Depending on your vehicle and your route, the 816-mile road trip from there and back can take around seven hours and twenty minutes.

Option #3: Train

Option #3 Train

This is the most surprising option. If you are planning a visit to SLC, you can take a Denver to Salt Lake City train. Direct train routes are available between Denver and Salt Lake City, and the journey takes around 15 hours. The train ticket costs approximately $132, but you can find cheap tickets for this trip on places such as Google or EBay.

Before booking your train ticket, consider the price of the tickets you are interested in. The cost depends on your needs and the efficiency of your car. On the way, you can take in some of the region’s best shopping. Try Macy’s, Dillard’s, Banana republic, and Nordstrom, among others.

During your train ride, you can also check out the impressive City Creek Center, a renovation project that opened up a new shopping center with upscale stores. In the evening, you can explore the city’s art galleries and stop for wine tasting at the nearby University of Colorado Boulder campus.

The train station in Salt Lake City is part of the Salt Lake Central Station, the main transportation hub in the city. You can take a bus from the main train station or transfer to other forms of transportation. This unusual station is near the Utah Transit Authority‘s Bus Terminal, which allows you to easily transfer to local buses.

The station also serves the UTA commuter rail system and the California Zephyr, which travels from Emeryville, California, to Chicago. You can also rent bicycles at the station. And the station is less than a mile from downtown Salt Lake City. While traveling by train, be sure to download your favorite movies or TV shows in advance so you won’t miss out on any shows.

You’ll find a wide range of entertainment options to watch on the train, so be prepared for the unexpected. And don’t forget to pack a book or magazine! If you’re traveling by train from Denver, be sure to check out the state’s capital, Denver. It is the state’s largest city and is considered an Old West era exemplar.