Hawaii Long Distance Moving To / From The Mainland

Each year, many people decide to move to Hawaii to relax and live in their dream homes. After all, Hawaii is considered by many to be an island of paradise, and there are so many surfing sites out there that can make them enjoy their everyday life. Aside from enjoying the sea, there are also plenty of margaritas and lemonades are served in coconut shells that can make them cool in the summer.

Although not many people move to Hawaii to have fun, there is still a lot to know about when it comes to relocation. For example, you may need to buy a home because of a job relocation, or you want a change in scenery.

Whether the tropical island and coconut trees are calling you or your work wants you to go, know that things are a bit different in Hawaii. This is why you need long distance movers in Hawaii who have experience with the entire moving process. The islands do not have connecting roads, and there are no bridges from the mainland to Hawaii.

This means that it will take days for the move to be completed, and you will have to navigate over the oceans. While this may seem overwhelming at first, know that various companies can help you out with their services.

Whether you are leaving paradise behind and going back to the mainland, switching places between the islands, or moving to Hawaii, you need to ensure that you have the budget for everything. Expect to pay more, and it is going to be more expensive than the usual state-to-state move. With this said, here are some tips that may help you out. And be sure to keep your moving list handy in PDF form by using SODA PDF to transfer the document into PDF.

What to Consider

You may be tempted to go to the internet for a list of movers that can accommodate your needs. However, it may be best for you to hold this off until you have a clear idea of what you want. Then, find the best one to offer you an affordable package that suits your budget, distance, size of the cargo, location in Hawaii, and time. You can know more reasons to live in Hawaii on this site. Some of the factors that should be at the forefront in your mind are the following:

Quantity of the Items: You need to sort through your things and list the stuff that you will include in the move. Less is always better, especially if you are not going to stay permanently in Hawaii.

Effort: You need to know how much effort you need to make on your own. Ideally, you’ll want movers who will do the heavy lifting of the stuff and have their own storage facilities on the mainland or the island. This way, you will not have to search for storage and pay more.

Timing: It’s best to look for companies that will immediately attend to your needs. This is because shipping may take longer when you are in Hawaii. You can book early to get a spot, especially if it is the peak season, so the companies will be able to accommodate your request on time.

Service Preference: Some will need you to pick up your stuff at the port, and there are door-to-door deliveries that will make it more convenient for you. You may want to clarify this thing first to plan better.

Budget: Set aside a budget for the entire package and extra fees. Do research, compare prices from at least three companies, and ensure that your maximum budget will be more than enough.

Safety: Contactless moving should be the best option to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

What Are Your Options?

What Are Your Options

Full-Service Movers

You may want to get a service similar to that of the mainland where the full-service movers are available, but they can be more expensive. However, their almost hands-off approach is an added perk that many people want. They are responsible from start to finish, and you do not have to ask your family and friends to help you out.


Portable container services like PODS will give you flexibility and better value if you are on a tight budget. The folks at PODS will allow you to move at your own pace, and they have 30-day rental containers. See info about PODS in this link: https://www.pods.com/blog/2021/03/renting-portable-storage-containers/.

The container is delivered to your current address on the mainland or in Hawaii. You will fill it up, and the staff will pick the container afterward. Then, it will be delivered to your new address or stored in a secure facility, depending on your needs.