Greece travel tips you need to know

Are you planning on visiting Greece for your next vacation but have no idea what to do when you are there? Do you want to know everything you possibly can about traveling in Greece before you head off on your amazing vacation?

If you are traveling to Greece for your next vacation, be sure to know these things before you go. Not only will it help with the planning process, but also when you get there so that you can enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer. 

These next few tips are just a few basic things that you should familiarize yourself with to get by easily when in Greece and not be disappointed or have high expectations in places where you should. This doesn’t mean to say that your Greece vacation isn’t going to be anything but spectacular, it is just for you to be prepared. 

Ferries are a popular choice

The ferry system in Greece is a great way to see the islands without having to do all of the planning.  You can find ferries at ports all around Greece, but make sure you read up on your destination before you book. Ferry tickets to different destinations are available online, and there is something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in more popular islands like Mykonos, or you’re after something more colorful and picturesque like Chios, services like LetsFerry will provide you with the cheapest tickets. The booking procedure is simple itself, as all you need to do is choose the date of travel and your desired route.

Always Carry Cash          

Whether you are visiting Greece for the first time, or are a regular vacationer there, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind when you are going to Greece on vacation.

The first tip on our list is to always carry cash around with you, and make sure that you are keeping it in a safe and secure place. Although the rest of the world may have moved forward and onto a more card-friendly style of life, Greece is still stuck in the old age of paying in cash. 

However, this isn’t a terrible thing. When paying in cash, it is easier for you to haggle down prices at the market, and there will be no risk of someone entering something into the card machine wrong and forcing you to pay more than you were supposed to in the first place. Always make sure to keep your money in a safe place though. You don’t want to misplace it, or for someone to steal it. 

Free Wi-Fi

these days, everything happens online, and you can do just about anything from your mobile phone. As a tourist having access to your mobile device and the internet in a foreign country has always been difficult, especially in public places. However, Greece is starting to take steps forward to make this no longer a problem.

When in Greece, you will find free Wi-Fi in all of the big hotspot areas such as tourist attractions, transport stations, and more. And in the future, they plan to introduce even more wireless internet connections across the country to make internet access that much easier. 

Stray Dogs             

Among other problems in Greece, one of their biggest is the population of stay dogs on both the mainland and on the islands. Various animal charities say there are probably over a million stray dogs on the mainland, and this number is quickly rising. 

As a tourist, you will undoubtedly come across many of these stray dogs. It may be tempting to go up to them and interact with them, however, you never know the personality of a dog unless you have spent some time with it. 

With this said, you should stay away from them, as you will never know if they are aggressive or how dangerous they could be, and you shouldn’t take the risk. 

A Lot of Partying             

Last but not least, when in Greece, you should expect to party until the sun comes up. If you are visiting as a solo traveler or as a young adult, the party scene is one of the most incredible that you will ever come across in your lifetime, from daytime parties at pools or on boats, to nighttime events at some of the most high-class bars and clubs. 

Greece is a lively place, and you definitely should miss out on the party scene that they have there. However, if you choose not to participate in the parties, you should be warned that they can get very loud and create a lot of noise.

As an outsider to a party, this can be annoying, so just go and join in the fun.