Gorgeous Places for a Trip in Your Campervan: Explore the Real Beauty of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is an absolutely stunning place to visit, especially for those of us that love nature, and would like nothing better than to venture out in their campervans for a thrilling weekend in the countryside. In case you are looking for a new destination, or you simply have not tried taking out a campervan for an adventure yet, here are a few destinations that will let you feel the bliss of nature in all its unbridled glory.


Giant’s Causeway Coastal Route

There’s hardly anyone who has not visited the World Heritage Site at least once by now, but have you done so in a campervan yet? The national treasure is absolutely breath-taking on any day of the year and simply the best site in the UK on some days, all on its own. However, you should consider taking your campervan out for one of the most beautiful drives in the whole world, along the Causeway Coastal Route this time around. It runs from Belfast to Derry and while the trip can be completed much faster, use your campervan’s mobility to its full extent and camp out strategically over a period of one whole week to truly experience the scenic beauty across all hours of the day and night here.

Fermanagh Lakelands

There are camping areas throughout Fermanagh county since the entire Upper and Lower Lough Erne is rife with beautiful areas to explore. Additional attractions include:

  • water sports
  • Small, but beautiful hiking trails
  • Cruises leading to and from the Devenish Island
  • Golfing options at the local resort

Glenmore Caravan and Camping Park

Northern Ireland has nine pristine Antrim glens, and this one is arguably the most beautiful one of them all. The campground stretches over 95-acres with grand views of Rathlin Island, Mull of Kintyre, and Islay. It’s particularly popular among those that love fly fishing, as the rainbow trout are plentiful.

Don’t Forget the Precautions

Before taking any trips though, do make sure that your vehicle is properly serviced and insured. While these are all peaceful routes and camping grounds with very little to worry about, there is always the danger of an accident, car damage or even just the risk of breaking down in the middle of nowhere!

If you are thinking of buying a campervan, pay a quick visit to the CompareNI platform, which is created to help vehicle owners find and compare quotes from a wide range of NI insurance providers. Not only will you be able to find the most cost-efficient policies that insurers have to offer in the country, but you will actually be able to compare their pros and cons to find the best option. After that’s done, don’t forget to take the campervan in for a check-up before leaving, even if it’s new. Northern Ireland is truly scenic and grand in its beauty, but it’s best to take all possible precautions that will help you to avoid being stranded in the middle of nature!

There might also be additional, area-specific warnings and precautions, so do pay heed to them. Practice caution and Northern Ireland can really help you have adventures and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.