Cheap European cities to live in


Everyone dreams of upping-sticks and handing in their notice at work, taking up the nomadic lifestyle and hitting the road on a trip, or relocating somewhere different. Why not discover a new culture and have a better quality of life? When people think about this, they normally imagine travelling halfway across the earth to somewhere like South America or Thailand, but, there is plenty on offer a little closer to home.

 Maybe you work in a stressful, but well-paid job and you want to take a sabbatical, or maybe you want to change your style of living completely? There are plenty of places where you can live on a budget and easily survive on online work and perhaps winnings. If you are a good-and-lucky player, there are plenty of online casinos that could help you boost your budget. You can also find different freelance jobs out there as a copywriter if you have a good knowledge! Or perhaps you plan to live off savings and budget for a simple life? Or work from home and earn a healthy sum in a more economic city? As they say, ‘You only live once’ and it is important to enjoy it! Lets take a look at some of Europe’s cheapest cities which offer a high quality lifestyle:


Not many people think about travelling to or living in Poland. It has only recently started to receive any attention, and for this reason, it is not saturated with ex-pats. It is a very economical option and restaurants, bars and rent are all affordable. It also has plenty of art and culture and is a historical city with a wealth of landmarks and monuments. With a low cost of living, it is a wonderful option!


One of the most picturesque and photogenic cities in Europe, Prague is a one of the most attractive and cheapest options available. It has become an extremely popular place to visit for tourists and although prices have risen (especially in central zones), it is a very economical place to live as an ex-pat. With a low cost of living and an established ex-pat community, it is becoming more and more popular.


If you are looking for sun, life and culture, then Lisbon is the place for you. It has beaches, it is an extremely colourful city and with great night-life and delicious cuisine, you are all set to enjoy living here! Food and drink are cheap and in general you won’t need much to live well in this city. Buying property in Lisbon is great value and with a strong ex-pat community, work opportunities are more readily available.


Bucharest is a vibrant city, gateway to the stunning landscapes and scenery which Romania can offer in abundance. If you are interested in history, then there is plenty to explore and it is easy to become immersed in this cultural bee-hive! If you are working in technology, then this is a great base, as it is fast becoming Europe’s capital of tech-work. With a very low level expenses, it is easy to live here like a king!


An extremely welcoming and friendly city, Sofia is known for its beauty and has plenty to offer the ex-pat. Like most of the cities on the list, it is a cheap place to enjoy a high quality of life, dining out, going for a drink and meeting the lovely Bulgarian people. Like Warsaw, Sofia isn’t firmly on the ex-pat map, so you will find it easy to dive in to Bulgarian culture and won’t find yourself slipping into home-culture ‘safety zones’. That said, a lot of the locals speak English and it is an exciting, up-and-coming place to live!

 There are plenty of alternative options all over Europe; places like Spain, France, Croatia and Greece. It all depends on what you are looking for. It is important to consider the language, the culture, the climate and ease of living. Remember, you are just a step away from improving your quality of life and making things a whole lot easier!