History of The University of Chicago

Architecture of University of Chicago

The University of Chicago, a private university in Chicago, Illinois is having a history back in the 1800s. The main campus of The University of Chicago is located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. It is a private research university and ranked among the top universities in the world in majoring education publications. … Read more

Top 6 Best Luxury Resorts in The US


Traveling to spend your vacations in the brightest yet the liveliest spot could have several places as options to discover. If getting a chance to travel to the US, do not forget to visit the best key west hotels and resorts, truly being the most extravagant spots you can vacation at. Where … Read more

Top 20 Historic Places in the US


  It is a relatively young country, but the United States has witnessed much more fascinating history. It has been shaped and transformed into a turbulent and surprisingly diverse past across the spectrum, from domestic settlements and colonial conquests to civil wars and struggles for independence, the impact of immigration waves, and … Read more

Top 12 Beaches in the US


  Think you need to book a flight to the Caribbean or Maldives to enjoy the sun on a vibrant beach? Well, think again, because the United States offers a range of picture-perfect beaches with shimmering waves and powdery white sand that make it easy to relax on a hot weekend. Other … Read more

Fitness Vacation Spots in the US

Red Cliffs Lodge

Did you get off track in terms of your diet and exercise? Is life getting in the way of your fitness goals? Don’t worry, you can take a vacation and use it as a time to kick start your fitness goals and establish a healthy routine before the holidays come around. If … Read more