Casey Jones Village is a great whistle-stop between Memphis and Nashville. It is located in 56 Casey Jones Lane, Jackson, TN. It is just seconds off Interstate 40 in Jackson, Tennessee. You can dine-in here, take-out some foods, buy some gifts, and visit the Railroad Museum.

Casey Jones

Casey Jones was an American railroader who died on April 30, 1900, when his train collided with a stalled freight train near Vaughan, Mississippi. He tried to stop his train and save the lives of his passengers which made him a hero.When Casey Jones was young, he lived near Cayce, Kentucky where he acquired the nickname Cayce which he chose to spell as Casey.

Casey Jones married Joanna, the daughter of the owner of the boarding house where he was staying.  On November 11, 1886, they were married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Jackson. They lived in a house they bought at 211 West Chester Street in Jackson where they raised their three kids. Jones was a devoted family man and teetotaler.

He worked for the Mobile & Ohio Railroad. On February 23, 1891, he was promoted to engineer which was his lifelong goal. He was recognized by his peers as one of the best engineers in the business. Aside from that, Casey Jones was also popular for his peculiar skill with the train whistle. He created a whistle that was made of six thin tubes bound together. It has a unique sound that became his trademark and it was described like the war cry of a Viking. When people between Jackson and Water Valley hear the whistle, they will turn over their beds late at night and say, “There goes Casey Jones”.

After Casey Jones’ death, his body was transported on the long trip home to Jackson, Tennessee. He was buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery. There were fifteen enginemen who rode 118 miles from Water Valley to pay their last respects which was a record.

Casey Jones Railroad Museum

The Casey Jones Railroad Museum is located next to Casey Jones’ historic home. In the museum, you will be able to find many exhibits that are dedicated to Casey’s like and famous last ride.

You can also see and enjoy here a short film about Casey Jones’ story, and as well as see three authentic rail cars and an original engine model that Casey drove. Kids of all ages are allowed to climb aboard and ring the bell just like Casey. If you’re a civil war enthusiast, you will be able to enjoy their permanent exhibit that is called, “The Railroads and The Civil War in Tennessee. You can also find there the Jackson Room which is dedicated to their town’s rich railroad history.

Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum are open daily. From Monday to Saturday, they are open from 10 am to 5 pm. Every Sunday, they are open from 1 pm to 5 pm.

The Old Country Store

After touring the museum, you and your whole family can dine-in The Old Country Store where you will be served homemade goodness. The Old Country Store is one of the great restaurants you can find in the South. They have three delicious buffets served every day. Their foods will remind you of Sunday dinners you used to have at Grandmothers’. The foods they serve aside from the buffets include sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, turnip greens, country ham, catfish, and fried chicken. They also have a salad and fruit bar and they serve delicious desserts as well like peach cobbler and banana pudding that are freshly made every day.

Ice Cream Parlor

The ice cream parlor in Casey Jones Village is named by USA Today as one of the top 50 ice cream parlors in America. You will be able to taste your favorite treat in their authentically recreated 1880’s Ice Cream Parlor and Fudge Shoppe. It is located in the heart of the Old Country Store. Aside from ice creams, you can also see here a very rare soda fountain that is made in the 1880s, which was one of the seventy-five ever made. If you want to bring back wonderful memories from the past, make sure to visit their ice cream parlor.

Dixie Café

If you’re in a hurry or cannot stay that long in Casey Jones Village, you can just visit Dixie Café where you can dine-in or take-out some meals. This café has a charming 1880s lunch counter that will serve you. If you want to it here, they offer a 60 seat capacity dining place that features vintage tables. They offer foods such as country ham biscuit, sausage biscuit, and fried bologna biscuit. They also serve homemade desserts, salads, and nostalgic soft drinks.

Dixie Café is open daily. From Monday to Saturday, it is open from 6:30 am to 7 pm. Every Sunday, it is open from 8 am to 7 pm. It is located within the Gift Shoppe at the Old Country Store.

The Farm

The Farm at Casey Jones Village features a very large vegetable garden. From early May to late October each year, they will host a market every Saturday morning featuring 10 to 15 farmers on the south side of Brook’s Shaw’s Old Country Store. They feel that this way, they will be able to further their commitment to teaching the farm to table principles to their guests. It will be a hands-on experience of authentic Southern food.

The Farm also features the first American Heart Association Teaching Garden in West Tennessee. They are also a partner of the American Heart Association in teaching and educating West Tennesseans from all demographics about sustainable living through agriculture.  If you have a love of model trains as a hobby, Casey Jones Village is a must see stop on your way through Tennessee.

Casey Jones Village is indeed a great place to visit in Tennessee. Aside from learning all about the story of Casey Jones, you will be able to enjoy delicious foods as well while feeling like you’re back in the past with its ambiance.


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