Breaking Down the Top 8 Luxury Wellness Travel Trends in 2023

Luxury wellness travel is hot right now. It’s part of a larger societal trend toward mental health and wellness, and it extends to individuals, couples, and businesses. Young entrepreneurs especially are embracing the trend in the hopes that their commitment to self-care will aid in their long-term success. If you’re thinking of taking your own luxury wellness excursion in 2023, you’re in excellent company.

1. Luxury Wellness Travel Is Hotter Than Ever

Recent data attests to the popularity of luxury wellness travel. One Accenture survey found that a staggering 39% of high-income earners have booked a wellness retreat for 2023. This includes one in five millennials surveyed.

And 2023 is just the beginning. The global wellness travel industry is projected to more than double in value by 2030, when it’s anticipated to be worth 1.02 trillion U.S. dollars.

2. Mexico Has Become a Hotspot for Luxury Travel

There are luxury destinations all over the world, but Mexico, in particular, has seen a huge boom in luxury travel over the past year or so.

You can expect this trend to continue in 2023 as cities like Tulum and Cancun offer an array of scenic luxury resorts with wellness-centric accommodations. Americans love traveling to Mexico for their luxury wellness needs because it offers the benefits of being both exotic and close to home.

3. The Caribbean Is Another Popular Spot for Luxury Travel

The Caribbean has become another haven for luxury wellness retreats, thanks to private island experiences like Aerial BVI and popular all-inclusive resorts like the Blue Waters Resort and Spa in Antigua.

You can find wellness programs on just about every major Caribbean island, including Grand Cayman, Saint Martin, Cozumel, and Turks and Caicos. Outside the Caribbean, you can find world-class wellness resorts in places like Peru, India, New Zealand, Dubai, Costa Rica, Italy, and Greece. There’s an excursion for everyone.

4. There Are Two Types of Wellness Travellers

Not all wellness travelers have the same motivation. The market is divided among primary and secondary wellness travelers. Primary wellness travelers are those who embark for the express purpose of self-care. Secondary wellness travelers are those who seek out wellness services while on their regularly scheduled travels.

Research shows that about 89% of wellness travel is actually secondary in nature. This means that a majority of wellness travelers are simply making wellness a priority on the vacations or business trips that they would already be taking. People who book vacations specifically for wellness are still in the minority, but the trend is becoming more popular.

5. Certain Amenities Are Especially Popular

If you brush up on the various wellness resorts and packages, you’ll find that certain features are especially common. In 2023, you’re likely to find features that include yoga, mindfulness meditation, group fitness classes, moderate physical activities (such as guided nature hikes on the beach), and impactful lifestyle workshops.

Some resorts also offer fun activities like cooking classes. Of course, activities and itineraries can vary significantly, and many wellness packages can be customized based on the needs and preferences of the traveler.

6. The Spa Experience Is Gaining Steam (Literally)

Many wellness resorts are emphasizing luxury spa treatments as part of their travel packages. This can be seen in some of the most popular wellness resorts in the world, including Thermëa Spa Village in Toronto, Hot Springs Resort + Spa in Colorado, and Alyeska Resort’s Nordic Spa in Alaska.

The emphasis is on the healing properties of hot saunas, cold plunges, and heated waters. Though there are different types of hot tub and cold spa experiences, they’re becoming an integral part of the wellness experience.

7. The Typical Traveler Is Affluent and Well-Educated

Wellness travelers are a diverse group, and they come from all backgrounds. They do share some unsurprising qualities, though. By and large, luxury wellness travelers are affluent, college-educated, and well-traveled.

The high cost of wellness travel necessitates a healthy bank account when you consider that international wellness travel costs 35% more than standard international travel on average (wellness travelers spend about $1,601 per trip)—and domestic wellness travel costs tourists a staggering 177% more than standard domestic travel.

8. Travelers Are Seeking Tailormade Retreats

Some of the best luxury wellness resorts are offering tailored experiences to satisfy different needs. So rather than expecting everyone to follow the same routine, they’re developing custom programs for travelers who are seeking to de-stress, or be more present, or combat burnout, or manifest more success in their lives.

When browsing popular wellness resorts, for instance, you might find a list of different wellness packages, some of which are available concurrently and some of which are only available at specific times. You can choose the package that’s best aligned with the result you’re hoping to achieve, and then further customize your itinerary based on your own needs. Whether you’re looking for a digital detox or a mental health reset, there’s a wellness program for you. The tailored experience is a huge trend right now, and it’s only expected to get more popular.

How to Plan Your Own Wellness Journey

For the intrepid traveler, the easiest way to book a retreat is to find a luxury wellness resort that specializes in them. Consider your favorite exotic locale (whether in South America, the Mediterranean, the United Arab Emirates, or the Caribbean), and search for wellness experiences in that area. You’re almost certain to find something, as the wellness travel industry is exploding.

You’ll also need to consider other details like your available travel dates, your budget, and the type of experience you’re hoping to have. Some retreats are nature-oriented, some are spa-heavy, and some are secluded. What do you hope to achieve with your own trip?

If you do embark on a luxury wellness excursion, you’ll quickly realize why the trend has become so popular. A wellness retreat is like a relaxing vacation taken to the next level. Come for the palm trees, but stay for the personal transformation.