Blue Flag Beach in Ukraine

Beaches are the go-to destination for holidays. Whether to swim across the blue sea, bask on the sand, or visit five-star beach hotels, we can’t deny that everybody loves beaches. But when going to the beach, there is something everyone must consider, the purity of the water and the environment and its sustainability.

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What signifies a beach’s purity and sustainability? Blue Flags. These flags are awarded beaches and marinas that pass their criteria. A beach with a “Blue Flag” is a beach with clean coastlines and beach water. Currently, there are 4,000 Blue Flag beaches around the world, and Ukraine has 16 of them.

Here are some of Ukraine’s Blue Flag Beaches that You Might Want to Visit

1. Hydropark, Kyiv (Venezia Beach, Dityachiy Beach, and Zolotiy Beach)

Hydropark, a landscape recreational park, is located on the Dnieper River in Kyiv. The recreational park is an entertainment complex, mainly with water activities (boating, beaches, and other water attractions). Hydropark is on the Dolobetsk and Venetian islands, with both islands connected by the Venetian Bridge. The Venetian Island is then connected to the rest of Kyiv by the Rusanivka bridge to the left-bank city and the Metro Bridge to the right-bank city.

The current beaches and activities available in the Hydropark are several beaches, which include one children-friendly beach and one nude beach; catamarans and boat rentals, paintball and football, water attractions, restaurants, riverboat excursions, open-air gym, ping-pong and tennis, and the Sun-City Slavutych disco club just right on the beach.

There are three beaches in Hydropark that are blue flagged, and one of them is Venezia Beach.

2. Venezia Beach, Kyiv

Venezia Beach is located on Dolobetskyi Island, not too far from the Hydropark metro station. It is known for its clean sand, which is regularly cleaned. What makes this spot stand-out is the many sports grounds for basketball and football that make it one of the top beaches to visit in Kyiv. Many tourists take along their own food and beverages, while some ordered theirs in the many cafes on the beach. Venezia Beach also has a recreation zone where people can spend their time on.

3. Good Zone Hotel Beach, Pishjanka, Dnipro

The Good Zone Hotel Beach is a blue flagged private beach located in Pischanka that offers lakeside cottages and modern rooms. Guests can enjoy swimming and sunbathing at the beach while eating local Ukrainian cuisine.

The hotel even has rooms that have their own terrace by the water for keeping boats and yachts. The Good Zone Hotel is in a pine forest surrounded by a pristine beach perfect for fishing, canoeing, and sailing.

4. Caleton Beach, Odesa

The Caleton Beach in Odesa is another one of Ukraine’s blue flagged private beaches. With its sparkling clean beach water and various water activities, Caleton Beach is often visited by tourists. The beach also offers a great atmosphere accompanied by good food, drinks, and music.

5. Chornomorsk City Municipal Beach, Chornomorsk

This City Municipal Beach in Chornomorsk offers clean, white sand and crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by many beach bars and restaurants with people selling every type of food and drink. There are also cafes, paid toilets, and a parking lot near it. The beach can get a little busy, although it does get a little quieter if you go to the east end.

6. Ruta Family Club Hotel Beach, Zatoka

The Ruta Family Club Hotel Beach in Zatoka, marked with a blue flag, is the largest family-ran hotel on the coast of Odessa. The hotel is open every day of the year, so visitors can spend some time at the beach all season.

The hotel offers a romantic weekend at the sea where you can eat your brunch in the open air, have a romantic candlelit dinner by the shore, or join a recreation program. Tourists can also choose to sleep by the sea, where they would be given pillows, blankets, sunbeds, and sleeping bags. The staff also serves you warm tea before bedtime and after you wake up.

The beach hotel also offers relaxing activities by the sea, such as an infrared sauna, yoga, and massage. The hotel has a lounge area on the beach that is open all year with an outdoor fireplace to boot.

7. Massandrovskiy Beach, Yalta

In Yalta, the Massandrovskiy Beach, located on the South Coast of Crimea, was marked with a blue flag in 2010, followed by certificate confirmations in the following years up to the present. This shows that the purity and the sustainability of the beach are maintained.

The beach is about 500 meters with six breakwaters dividing it into six sections. The beach entrance is free, and tourists can rent umbrellas, sun loungers, and personal bungalows. There are also a lot of restaurants and cafes surrounding the beach. Black Sea dolphins also frequent the beach area.

Aside from the beaches enumerated above, the rest of the blue flag beaches in Ukraine are the Morye Beach, Prichal 1 Beach, Yacht Beach in Odesa, and the Galera Veselka Beach, Pusha Vodicja Beach, Troieschyna Beach, Veselka Beach, and the Molodizhnyj Beach in Kyiv.