Best Beaches in Ukraine

If you live in Ukraine or planning to spend a summer holiday to one of its most picturesque, world-class, and stunning beaches, here’s the list that you must check first to help you decide where to go.


The Arcadia beach is in Arcadia quarter, Odessa, Ukraine. It is one of the most popular beaches in the country which is more accessible from the city center. People love to relax and rejuvenate here at it has long stretches of sand and pristine views.

The main beach features water slides, night clubs for nightlife during May through September. It is comprised of several smaller beaches.

A swimming pool, beach umbrellas, people in their swimsuits

There are for rent lounge chairs and umbrellas, and you can indulge in some amazing water activities like banana boat rides or go jet-skiing. During breaks from activities, you can dine in many restaurants on the shore to munch delicious seafood.


Also called “The Third Beach”, Berdyansk is a lovely beach in Zaporizhia Oblast, South-east Ukraine. It has golden sands and has kids-friendly surroundings. It is also one of the most-favourite spots of photography enthusiasts, as it features staggering views of the Sea Port and the quay. There are also various restaurants around to try some authentic Ukrainian cuisine and drinks.


Chornomorsk is primarily known as a port town, around 12.5 miles from Odessa. The resort town has beautiful parks and beaches, with a quiet and homely atmosphere. Of course, restaurants and cafes are just everywhere, including nightclubs for those who are night owls.

Chornomorsk also features a diving club which offers scuba diving with scuba instructors. The city also hosts Koktebel Jazz Festival, one of the best summer festivals in the country.


Dzharylhach, is an island in Skadovsk Raion, Kherson Oblast near Crimea in Ukraine. It’s what they say synonymous to ‘Ukrainian Maldives’ or ‘Heaven on Earth’. It’s considered the largest island in the country and is excellent for those who like to spend holidays in the wild.

Visitors will enjoy the warm sea, clean sand and miles of unspoilt beaches. However, visitors who wish to see be at this place must rent a boat or get on a tourist ship.


Koblevo is one of the best choices when traveling with kids as it features trampolines and slides for the children to enjoy. The family resorts along the seashore are relatively cheap and offer comfortable accommodations.

Koblevo is situated along the Black Sea’s coastline and between two sandy beach zones and the Tylihul Estuary. It’s a perfect destination for a family vacation and bonding.


Tourists looking for a beach that is known for wellness, Kyrylivka is the must-visit in Ukraine. It is in Zaporizhia Oblast, South-east of the country.

With its clean waters, has curative mud and clay that guests enjoy as a healing therapy. It also has natural sources of mineral water and a warm and alluring atmosphere that further makes the place more desirable.


Lanzheron beach in Odessa is the most preferred among the tourists as it features a sizeable stretch of sand where many people can enjoy. It is home to many restaurants, bars and hotels lined up along the seashore, making it an ideal place for a beach vacation.

The beach is also perfect for sunbathing. Another priceless beauty is when you catch the sunrise. You can indulge in some activities like Jet Ski and speed boat rides. It is a fun place to spend a holiday with friends or families.


Odessa city is home to picturesque beaches and world-class water sports activities. It is a paradise in Northwestern shore of the Black Sea as it bursts with romantic bloom, lively nightspots, music clubs, delectable seafood, and marvelous climate. It is one of the best spots for the newlyweds, those locals and international tourists looking for relaxation.


Zatoka is one of Ukranian’s Black Sea coast. It offers comfortable settings for recreation, including holidays with children. Sandy beaches stretch for 3.1 miles, with wellness centers and hotels. Almost all that you need for a vacation is here- a wide choice of fun entertainment, warm sea, and delicious fresh fruit and vegetables will make your rest unforgettable. Ensure to visit here during the season that begins in May and lasts until September.

Get ready and prepare your luggage and go to one of the top Ukrainian Resorts. If you wish to make reservations to any of these beaches, you can check the area code here Area Codes for Phones in Ukraine before you make a call.

Luckily if you are from North America, South America, and Europe, you can travel to Ukraine for 90 days in 180 days without needing a visa.