Area Codes for Phones in Ukraine

If you have family, friends, or people to call in Ukraine, you must be aware of their dialing codes. You can call someone in Ukraine using international phone cards. To familiarize yourself with area codes for Ukrainian phones, here’s a guide.

Ukraine Area Codes

These are the phone codes you need to dial for contacting the populated cities and areas in Ukraine:

  • Cherkasy – 047
  • Chernivtsi – 037
  • Chernihiv – 046
  • Crimea – 065
  • Dnipropetrovsk – 056
  • Donetsk – 062
  • Ivano-Frankivsk – 034
  • Kharkiv – 057
  • Kherson – 055
  • Khmelnytskyi – 038
  • Kiev (Kyiv) – 044
  • Kirovohrad – 052
  • Kyiv Oblast – 045
  • Luhansk – 064
  • Lviv – 032
  • Mykolaiv – 051
  • Odessa – 048
  • Poltava – 053
  • Rivne – 036
  • Sevastopol – 069
  • Simferopol – 065
  • Sumy – 054
  • Ternopil – 035
  • Vinnytsia – 043
  • Volyn – 033
  • Zakarpattia – 031
  • Zaporizhia – 061
  • Zhytomyr – 041

Calling from Ukraine to Abroad

To call abroad, users from Ukraine need to dial 00 before the country code. For instance, to call Los Angeles, California, from Odessa, users dial 00 1 213 xxx xxxx.

Calling Nationwide

When calling within Ukraine, users need to dial 0 and then the region code, followed by the local number. For instance, to call Lviv from Kiev, dial 0 32 xxx xxxx. The same rule was adopted for mobile operators.

Since October 14, 2009, Ukraine switched to the dialing rules common in the European Union. Previously, calls within Ukraine were prefixed with 8. Under the old system, you have to dial 8 032 xxxxxxx to call Lviv from Kiev.

The in-country calling sequence for ordinary zones consists of a two-digit zone code, an optional subzone code, an optional filler (0 to two 2’s used to make the whole in-country sequence to contain exactly nine digits), and the local phone number (five to seven digits). When dialing from cellphones, the in-country dial sequence is used even for phones of the same provider. Otherwise, the call can be placed in the nearest geographic area.

The area codes in Ukraine correspond to geographic regions known as oblasts, with the exception of Kyiv and formerly Sevastopol, which use their own area code.

Calling Ukraine from Overseas

To call Ukraine from abroad, dial the exit code for your country first, so your phone operator will let you make a long-distance call. The most common exit codes are 00 or 011. In the United States and Canada, the exit code is 011, while most countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa’s exit code is 00. If you’re in Australia, the exit code is 0011.

Then, dial Ukraine’s country calling code so you can be directed to Ukraine. Each country has a country calling code assigned to it, and for Ukraine, it’s 380.

Dial the city or area calling code for the specific location in Ukraine that you would like to call. Rural areas of Ukraine have area codes, while urban parts have city codes. This will direct your international call further, as large countries may have repeated phone numbers that are made distinct only by different area or city codes. The area codes in Ukraine are composed of two digits (like the codes listed above minus the 0) for the provinces, known as oblasts.

Finally, dial the specific phone number. Ukrainian telephone numbers usually contain nine digits. For landlines, the area code is included as part of the nine digits. For example, if you want to call someone in Kiev, Ukraine from the United States, dial 011 – 380 – 44 – xxxxxxx.