A beach in Old Nessebar

On our site there several remarkable articles about the ancient city of Nessebar and its attractions. There is even a curious selection of the best photos of Nessebar and description of all the beaches of Nessebar. But there is almost nothing about the beaches of the old city. Let’s try to fix it and tell you about what to expect from the beaches of Old Nessebar.

Are there any beaches in Old Nessebar?

There are not many beaches in the old part of Nessebar. This is not surprising – the peninsula is very small. Nevertheless, there is even a seaport and a pier for boats, sailboats and yachts.

So if you rent apartment directly in the old part of Nessebar, on a peninsula, then be prepared for all-day noise of tourists and quite tiny, mostly wild beaches.

What to expect from beaches in Old Nessebar?

There are not many beaches in Old Nessebar. They are mostly covered with very small shells, and it is not always comfortable to walk on them.

But the sea is very beautiful here. Almost every day you will enjoy with fantastic landscapes. And in this part of the town there are many seagulls. You can feed them literally with your hands.

There are also a lot of concrete beaches, most of which are wild. There are almost no sandy variants.

Beaches of the Old Town – a good variant, if to talk about water temperature. But there are lots of algae and not very comfortable to swim (warm water almost always = lots of algae).

We would recommend, nevertheless, to walk to the new part of the city. We can not say anything precise about the purity of the water – the European Commission did not make any measurements on the peninsula, but the nearest beaches were rated as “excellent”.

For those tourists, who are planning to settle exactly in the old part of Nessebar, on a peninsula, we will make a brief overview of beaches in Old Nessebar.

The beach “Old Nessebar” is tiny, but well equipped

The only equipped beach on the peninsula, which we managed to find, is called “Old Nessebar“.

It is located in the western part (on the opposite side from the mainland) of the peninsula and a little shifted to the south. In fact, it is not difficult to find. If you can not, then see the map of the location of beaches of Nessebar at the end of this article.

This beach is protected from sea waves with the peninsula and a long projecting pier. The water is usually warm and quite clean here. The only negative – not far from the beach is located a sea port.

The Beach “Old Nessebar” is characterized by beautiful views of the sea and picturesque surrounding nature.

An infrastructure of the beach “Old Nessebar”

  • The surface layer of the beach: small shells. Do not cut legs and pretty comfortable;
  • A bottom: shells and sand, the descend to the water is not steep, but not too gentle;
  • The temperature and the purity of water: the water is usually warm and clean. Beaches are not crowded, but nearby there is a port;
  • Prices at the beach: lounger and sunshade cost 5 levs  apiece, and you can eat in restaurants. It is a bit expensive;
  • Free zone: about a quarter of the beach. There is plenty of free space and not very crowded;
  • Security: rescuers and aid post;
  • Comfort: changing cabins, WC;
  • Food: in any restaurant of the Old town. But prices there are high, especially in restaurants with sea views;
  • Available space at the beach: The beach is not crowded, there is always a free space;
  • The size of the beach: it is quite small, roughly about half a football field, even less;

Wild beaches in the old town of Nessebar

There are a lot of wild beaches in Old Nessebar. We counted 7, but in fact their number is bigger. Basically, there is no any infrastructure on such beaches.

If to speak about the covering layer, the more often it is concrete, but there are also beaches with small shells. We did not find sandy and pebbly beaches in Old Nessebar.

Some tourists go to the sea directly along the stones. In our opinion it is dangerous, but the water is very clean.

Beaches nearby – where better to sunbathe and to swim?

If beaches of Old Nessebar did not impress you, we recommend you to walk to the New Town. There is clearly better choice!

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South Beach of Nessebar – Sand Dune

One of the best beaches of Nessebar – lots of sand, flat bottom, which is ideal for families with children.

There are lifeguards and ambulance car on the beach. Nearby there are a couple of snack bars and souvenir shops, but we were not interested in them.

South Beach of Nessebar is divided into paid zone (sunshade stands  8 levs), which is located near the sea, and free zone – 20 meters from the water.

There is always plenty of space at the beach, the water here is very warm and clean – we have no claims.

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North Beach of Nessebar and Sunny Beach

North Beach is located between Nessebar and Sunny Beach. It has no clear boundaries and therefore at your disposal are all 15 kilometers of beaches of Sunny Beach – the most popular resort in Bulgaria.

If desired, here you can find anything you want! Any water sports, rides, ferris wheel, beach volleyball, discos, restaurants right on the beach and much, much more.

To be honest, this beach did not impress us. It is very noisy, full of people and expensive. Just feels like everything here is focused on pumping money from tourists. And after we saw how in the evening algae were thrown back into the sea – the desire to come here was gone completely.

But positive aspects of this beach should also be noted – the infrastructure is very developed. There are changing rooms, shower with fresh water, and the sand is lined with wooden paths for tourists.

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Wild beaches on the rocks in Nessebar

There are many quite good wild beaches in Nessebar.

We advise to pay attention to the beach behind rocks – it is closest to the Old Town. We have often visited this beach.

We also noticed, that many tourists dive directly from concrete piers at the embankment between Sunny Beach and Old Nessebar. The water is really clean, but we did not try to swim.

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Beaches of Nessebar on the city map

For your convenience, we have added a map with marked on it main beaches of Nessebar.

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