5 Countries That Scored More than 70% of Max Points at Eurovision

With each year’s Eurovision song contest there have been different spreads in the way points have been won, some years like 2015 have shown the top 3 entries to have over 300 points at the end of the competition is a huge achievement for the countries and their artists but does not always guarantee a win. The percentage of available points a country scores in a particular year can show a slightly different side to what it takes for a country and its chosen artist to deliver a winning song.

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Here are 5 countries that have scored more than 70% of the maximum points available at the Eurovision Song Contest over the years:

United Kingdom

Heading up our list is the United Kingdom who saw incredible success at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest hosted by the Netherlands and held in The Hague. The UK’s entry, Save Your Kisses For Me performed by Brotherhood of Man won with a score of 164 points. This gave the UK a formidable 80.4% of the total available points and gave an indication of how popular the song would become.


Germany are next up in our list for their winning performance in the 1982 contest, victory was assured by Nicole delivering a stunning vocal performance of the song Ein Bisschen Frieden written by Bernd Meinunger and Ralph Siegel.

As it is tradition for the reigning winners to hoist the following year’s contest, the honour fell upon the United Kingdom, having won the previous year with Bucks Fizz and the unforgettable Making Your Mind Up. The contest was held in Harrogate Nicole’s voice and the writers’ powerful lyrics hoping for peace were the perfect combination to score 161 points, taking 78.9% of the total available.


Less than 1% below Germany’s performance is Norway’s score of 387 points at the 2009 contest. At 78.7% the country took a convincing victory, one of 3 the country have achieved in its Eurovision history. The song Fairytale performed by Alexander Rybak took its score from a total of 492 available points.


Again, there’s not much to call between the top performers in the Eurovision Song Contest, Ireland proved their worth again in 1995 with one of their 7 Eurovision wins. The song Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids gave the country 78.5% of the total available points. To date this is the highest percentage of the total points available by Ireland, the final total being 226 points.


In 1973 Spain joined those countries to have scored more than 70% of the total points available at Eurovision. Their entry, Eres Tu performed by Mocedades scored a total of 125 points. This brought the country into the list with 78.1% of the total points available – a credible and worthy 5th place on our hotly contested list. Although France didn’t make the cut here are some of their most famous musicians.