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4 Best Casino Tips for Las Vegas Tourists

4 Best Casino Tips for Las Vegas Tourists

A visit to a Las Vegas casino can be a lot of fun, especially if it’s your first time visiting Sin City. However, a trip to the gambling capital of the United States can also be financially daunting, especially for a tourist who is in town for a gambling vacation.

There are some excellent tips for saving money when visiting Las Vegas, but the best way to ensure that your finances are fine after a trip to Sin City is to keep your head above water inside a Las Vegas casino.

If you’re a little bit worried, here are the four best casino tips for Las Vegas tourists.

1. Never Go up Against the Locals

One of the best tips for Las Vegas tourists is to avoid playing against the locals because these residents play there every day, and they make money off of visitors like you.

If a dealer greets a player by name, then it’s clear that individual is a regular and they probably live in the city or visit often. If you notice that, change tables or pick up your chips and head to a different area. Look for a poker room that has identifiable tourists like yourself. Playing in a level field makes the games more fun and it also gives you more chances of winning.

2. Beware of the Booze

Casinos give every player inside their venue free alcoholic drinks. But if you think that free booze is a way of getting even for spending money inside a casino, you are very wrong. The casino wants you to drink as much as you can for a reason.

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and often leads you to bad decision-making and that includes gambling too much money. In 2014, a California man claimed that he lost $500K while gambling for 17 straight hours because he was too drunk.

3. Keep Track of The Time

Casinos are designed in a way that purposefully makes you forget about the time of day. Its doors are tinted so that once you are inside, you won’t know what time of the day or night it is. When you look up, the ceilings are painted bright to give the place a daytime effect. The interior decors are striking and lively, so you won’t get sleepy. And yes, you definitely won’t find a clock inside a casino.

If you don’t consult your watch or mobile phone, you’ll never know what time of the day it is. Most likely, you’ll end up spending the whole day gambling inside the casino. Keeping track of the time is one of the best casino tips you should keep in mind. Or else you won’t just lose time but also money.

4. Don’t Fall for Celebrations

Don’t get carried away when someone hits the jackpot at the slot machine. Sure, the celebration highlighted by the bright lights and victory sounds makes you want to buy more chips. And yes, a gambler once hit a $38.7 million slot jackpot in Las Vegas. But remember that one person’s luck won’t improve your chances of winning.

These celebrations are intended to inspire you to try your luck on the machine where someone just won the jackpot or encourage you to play craps. However, remember that the chances of hitting the jackpot or going on a streak at the table aren’t as good as you think.

The House Always Wins

At the end of the day, the house always wins. Casinos are businesses and they operate for a profit. However, you can always have fun during your gambling vacation and not lose more than what you intend to gamble. Just follow our casino tips for Las Vegas and quit while you’re ahead.

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