10 things you must do while visiting India


India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most artistic materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!”

                                                                                                                          Mark Twain

India is a country with such a rich heritage, culture and traditions that only few countries in the world can match it. Magnificent history, birthplace of two major world religions – hinduism and buddhism, ancient writings and more than 1000 different languages is what describes India the best.

There are thousands of different things you can do in India and you could write a whole book about it and still miss to mention something. But regardless of that fact, we choose to make a short list of 10 things you must do and witness for yourself while visiting India.

Join the fun at colourful Hindu festivals – All Hinduism gods are praised at many celebrations all through the country. Quite possibly the most mainstream one is Durga Puja occurring in Calcutta in September or October. Idols, statues and icons come in all shades of the rainbow and are placed in pools and streams. Among the different celebrations are Diwali (the celebration of light in October/November), Holi (the celebration of colors in March). India is additionally the spot of the biggest human social event on earth – Kumbh Mela.

Submerge yourself in the streets of Delhi – India’s capital is a genuine mixture of numerous amazing cultures. It’s a dazzling mix of tones, flavors, and sensations. At its core, it’s Old Delhi. There you’ll discover markets that resemble mazes, antiquated mosques, fortifications and other notable landmarks. South of Old Delhi lies New Delhi, where everything is cutting edge and modern and it is a best description of how India is progressing. They’re correct when they say that India is the place where the old meets the new. Delhi has a population of around 30 million people so try not to lose yourself in the crowded streets of this huge city. With a population as huge as theirs, second only behind their neighbour China, India is the place where most people in the world play the lottery, which is the most popular casino game among Indians.  While you’re in India, It is really recommended to participants and play lotto. One of the most popular and recommended lotteries is Lottosmile India. You can try your luck and give yourself a chance to feel a real thrill become a lottery millionaire, especially if you are a tourist visiting on a holiday. Today, the younger population mostly plays online so if you don’t have enough time to visit the casino, you can simply do it with just an internet connection and your mobile.

Purchase novel trinkets and souvenirs  – One of the most well known activities in India is, obviously, shopping. Carry something back with you from this great nation and recollect every minute spent there. Among the top gifts that will knock your socks off are Tanjore Paintings that will help you remember all of your experiences and revisit the sanctuaries and historical sites you visited. Huge variety of accessories and ornaments that come in all shapes and colours will satisfy every fashion taste. By and large, these things are made by the gentle hands of local people, so you’ll see the value in their crafty excellence much more.

Sail on the River Ganges – There’re a lot of activities in India, however a couple can contrast with cruising on the Ganges. The stream is viewed as an immediate channel to the next world for the 986 million Hindus. The banks of the waterway in Varanasi additionally draw in many explorers, making it probably the holiest spot on Earth. Many ceremonies and rituals are performed when the sun rises and sets. Besides, you can even see some Ganges Dolphins, who show up every year when they hear sounds of festivals.

Travel to the Palace of Winds – One of the best examples of Rajput engineering in India is the Palace of Winds or Hawa Mahal in Hindi. The royal residence was once, indeed, the ladies’ chambers where they could see what was happening outside. Today, India treats this wonder as a landmark that wows each and every individual who sees it. Complex and eye pleasing  architecture amazes even modern architects and the Palace of Winds really stands out as one of the most recognizable structures in the world, with a palette of all colors merged together in a symphony for the eyes of everyone who was lucky enough to witness it’s beauty.

Taste the Indian food and flavors – Having as a primary concern the variety of choices in India, you ought to anticipate the most amazing food. Furthermore, you’ll totally get why India is popular for the most lavish and unexpected flavors which will shock you. Other than them, individuals there utilize a great deal of spices, organic products, and vegetables in addition to other things. What’s intriguing is the way that the cooking has been affected by the appearance of the Europeans, the Mughal domain, just as the Central Asian and Middle Eastern societies. Among a huge variety of customary dishes and meals you must try Samosas, jalebi, dhokla, Rogan Josh, naan, kulfi etc. They’re unquestionably things you can do in India for your stomach, which will be forever thankful to you.

Experience the magnificence of the Taj Mahal and other Hindi sanctuaries – India is the place that is known for temples. Every district has its own incredible brilliant sanctuary – from the one in Delhi to the holy Amritsar’s Golden Temple. At the point when you step on the Hindi soil, you’ll discover many of these wonders immaculate naturally. Notwithstanding, the star among them is the Taj Mahal, the symbol for eternal love. It’s presumably the landmark everybody needs to see when they travel there. It’s normally depicted as the most stylishly amazing palace on the planet. The mega blocks of sparkling white marble will help you to realize the extraordinary love the ruler had towards his first spouse.

Reset your mind on the wild beaches in Goa – Throughout the years, Goa’s fantastic sea shore has developed into one of the traveler’s most beloved oceanside places. Swimming in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean, diving, sunbathing and other different activities on the Goa beaches are certainly a must while in India. Relax and have fun at  the full moon parties that are held in a few spots. You can taste the beautiful customary food among other lovable foods too, all while being on beautiful sand beaches.

Appreciate the craftsmanship of Ajanta and Ellora builders – You can understand how religion affects individuals in India when you see the magnificent stone cut caves Ajanta and Ellora. These two cave buildings are the total royals of the strict workmanship and are the best illustration of the Indian inheritance. Ajanta may go back from the second century BC though Ellora is much younger. From the fifth to the 10th century, Jain, Buddhist, and Hindu carvers worked energetically on it to make it look and feel amazing as it is today. You’ll be wowed, without a doubt.

Visit Bollywood in MumbaiThe capital city takes in the mood of the bustling existence with high rises arriving at the mists. It’s also the capital of art, design, pleasure and since the 20th century of the film industry. Being the centre of Bollywood’s studios, a great deal of movies are shot there. Thus, be ready to laugh and cry simultaneously with the most well known actors and actresses. You can also book a visit and observe how every one of the scenes in Bollywood are shot from first person, from the first rows. Bollywood is on the rise as it produces most movies in the world, leaving even famous Hollywood behind.





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