What types of cheese are popular in the Ukraine?


The cheese industry in Ukraine got a boost following the Revolution of Dignity from 2013 to 2014.

The event led local manufacturers to produce their own cheese brand, which eventually became popular in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world. Both tourists and citizens have patronized their types and kinds of cheese products due to their superb quality. Aside from it, Ukrainian cheesemakers also ensured that their products were sold at reasonable prices.

As local makers produce a wide variety of cheese products, it inevitably turned Ukraine into a favorite destination for other businesses or companies interested in cheese-making.

The immense popularity of cheese products in Ukraine also paved the way for the people to organize different massive events to celebrate their unique delicacy. On the other hand, just open the link if you are interested to know the world’s most renowned sports.


These globally-known events include Lviv Cheese and Wine Festival, Cheese Awards Day, and Kiev Food and Wine Festival. Families, friends, tourists, and cheesemakers attend the regular events to taste and sell cheese and wine products.

These big gatherings also unite the people of Ukraine and help promote their local cheese production.

Ukraine also has the Kiev Cheese Museum where both locals and tourist get to know the origin and background of cheese making in the country. The visitors will have a glimpse of the old tools, collections of cheese knives, cheese memorabilia, and other promotional materials.

The immense fame brought by the high quality of cheese products in Ukraine did not haven overnight. Local cheesemakers have to work hard to develop the best and unique features of their products.

More, they have to strictly follow the European standards in terms of the product quality requirements.

Cheese on wooden board

What makes the cheese in Ukraine unique and popular among other cheese products available in the markets is its bitter taste.

The bitterness in cheese is due to the type of food that was fed to the animals. Local farmers used hay to feed their cows and goats, resulting in a different texture and taste of the cheese products.

As revealed by Culture Trip, local cheesemakers in Ukraine also complement their products either with nuts, seasons, and some greens to come up with a unique and super tasty brand. An example of this is the spicy flavor of the Fromages d’Elise cheese.

Dooobra Ferma is also recognized as one of the top cheese producers in Ukraine. This maker has vast arrays of homemade cheese products from goat and cow milk. The farm produced over 20 types of cheeses, accordingly.

Fromages d’Elise farm also produced fresh cheese products like Crottin and Bûche. Visitors will have the chance to go around the farm and watch how farmers produce world-class tasty cheeses.

Another famous cheese brand is the Kozachka. Interestingly, the maker of this cheese product has opened the School of Cheese to show to the public and tourists how they make their homemade cheeses.

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Some famous dairy brands in Ukraine

Семеро Козлят / Seven Young Goats

Seven Young Goats is located in Makovetskyi khutir in Kyiv.

The brand is known for being widely available in big supermarket chains in Ukraine. The Seven Young Goats is recognized as the first certified manufacturer of goat milk in the country.

Its wide variety of cheese products include the English Cheddar with paprika, Georgian Suluguni, Labneh, and Halloumi.

Коза Чка / Koza Chka

Koza Chka dairy farm can be found in Vinnytrsia region. The farm produces homemade cheese products.

Established by Tatiana Diadechko, Koza Chka farm-produced cheese products free from preservatives and harmful fats, as cited by Destinations.

Some of the cow cheese produced on the farm are Georgian Suluguni and Ukrainian Brynza. The farm also has yogurt products flavored with caramel or pepper.

Золота Коза / Golden Goat Farm

Golden Goat Farm is located in Pokrovka village. The farm is known for producing 100 percent goat milk cheese in their farm.

They have over 300 goats on the farm to produce a wide variety of goat cheese. Some of its traditional cheese products are Camembert, Brie, and Ukrainian Brynza.

Селиська Сироварня / Selysʹka Dairy

Selysʹka Dairy is known as one of the most popular cheesemakers in Ukraine. The high-quality cheese they produce is due to the food containing natural nutrients they feed to the livestock.

This farm produced cheese products like Hust (soft, spicy, and sweet cheese), Selysky (spicy, semi-hard cheese), and Narcissus of the Carpathians (tangy, semi-hard bitter cheese).

Motherfarm Eco Farm

This dairy farm is located in Mali Lysivtsi village. The farm produced dairy products that are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives. They are known for traditional cheese-making.

Some of the known products they have include Italian Ricotta and Indian Paneer. Meanwhile, if you want to know the famous French chef Jean Imbert, open the given link.


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