What Cars Are Best For Long Road Trips?


It’s a bright summer day, fresh winds breezing through your window; ah, yes, the open roads are calling you for another road trip. A long road trip is oddly satisfying for most of us, but it’s more enjoyable if you’re with friends or family. But before you head out, you need to ensure that your car is appropriately checked to prevent any unwanted circumstances.

Long road trips could mean a lot of stress to your car; it’ll be baked under the sun while running at 90 miles per hour on unknown roads. You won’t know what you’ll meet when you start driving down the highway, so it’s best to prepare and have the right vehicle for your long-awaited trip.

Preparing for long road trips may not be an easy task, but it could save you from unforeseen situations ahead. But, besides preparing your emergency toolbox and equipment, what will be the best car to use for long road trips? SUV? A sedan, perhaps? Or maybe an MPV?

Best Cars for Long Road Trips

This list will provide cars that will depend on your company during your road trip, from a family-friendly SUV to a dashing sedan for you and your significant one.

Lincoln Navigation Reserve

This eight-passenger SUV will definitely give you a road trip to remember. This SUV has a touch of luxury and elegance compared to other SUVs, making it one of the best choices for long road trips. Adding to the luxurious traits are its features, installed with comfy leather seats, a 360-degree camera, and adaptive cruise control that makes driving more pleasing. If you and the gang plan to stargaze at night, you can also utilize its panoramic vista roof for the best viewing experience. What’s a road trip without any music jamming? You’ll absolutely love Revel audio systems, which feature 14 surround speakers. Once you connect to that Bluetooth connection, it’ll surely blow your heads off.

Range Rover Westminister Edition

Traveling with this edition of the Range Rover could not get any better. It offers a mix of luxurious and stylish approaches to its users. If you plan to drive up the mountain or maybe do a cross-country expedition, Range Rover has your back. Driving this SUV will arguably provide the most comfort among the rest, with the high beam assist for a comfortable night driving, climate control for the four zones of the cabin, and configurable ambient lighting – all in which you can adjust as you please. This luxurious SUV definitely gives you what you paid for; the advanced tech for a car is installed inside, such as an adaptive speed limiter, Range Rover Pack, Park Pack, 360-parking aid, and rear traffic monitor are only some of its many features. It’s doubtful you’d still be looking for something else once you’ve driven this SUV.

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

You wouldn’t go wrong with a Jeep Wrangler for any road trip. You can either drive the open road or go off-road, and it still gives you the best experiences ever. With the pickup bed function made available, you can now place various things for your road trip; may it be camping gear, bikes, skiing gear, or any other equipment you might need for your trip, Jeep can carry. Adding to the praise this car already received is the unceasing popularity and value it got from car collectors and fans, truly a car tested through time.

Toyota Prius L Eco

Are you planning a cross-country road trip? You can absolutely go miles and miles with a Toyota Prius; you can save a lot of fuel gas with this famous hybrid electric car, having a strong 53-58 miles per gallon rated consumption. The only downside is the space, so this would fit perfectly for a couple or a small family, considering a limited supply for the trip. It’s also equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, adding a layer of safety during your trip. This car indeed is a road trip legend when it comes to length, so make sure to consider this car when making choices.

Road Safety Awareness

While having the right car and tools will significantly affect your driving experience, it’s also good to note that nothing beats a well-knowledgeable driver. So, adding to the best car for a road trip, make sure to have the best mind on the road to prevent any accidents that might happen.

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