What Are the Top Golf Courses in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria deserves the spot when it comes to the best golf course in the world. This magnificent country in Southeastern Europe is blessed with a perfect climate suitable for an exciting summer golf sport.

Bulgaria offers a perfect golfing experience, rich heritage, and tradition to its visitors as a cultural melting pot. Bulgaria’s spectacular golf courses have made the country one of Europe’s fastest-growing tourist hotspots.

This Balkan nation offers excellent travel packages to satisfy your wanderlust from traditional dances, crafts, music, costumes, and world-class sporting events.

Founded in the 7th century, Bulgaria is one of the oldest nations in Europe. This makes the country an exciting destination for travelers, especially golf lovers who want to mix their business travels with recreations.

The remarkable sceneries and relaxing resorts in the Black Sea coastlines in Bulgaria are some of the great spots that attract visitors every year.


Also, Bulgaria’s is endowed with a unique culture, blending the way of life of the Eastern and Western people.

From its architectural wonders, religious heritage, and superb cuisines, a visit for a golfing experience in Bulgaria will be exciting and memorable!

You cannot underestimate the golf courses in Bulgaria. The country is gifted with picturesque golf courses.

Bulgaria has nine golf courses, accordingly. Thracian Cliffs Golf and Beach Resort is considered the best golf course and the most visited golf club in the state.

Top golf courses in Bulgaria

Thracian Cliffs Golf Course and Beach Resort


Thracian Cliffs is one of the most prized gems of Bulgaria and the world. This 72-par course is located in Varna. With the stunning coastline view, this golf course offers a dramatic and unforgettable experience to the golfers.

The course, designed by Gary Player, has a length of 7,291 yards. It was established in 2011.

In 2013, the course hosted the Volvo World Matchplay. Golfers and visitors hailed Thracian Cliffs as a must-play destination, courtesy of the top-notch layout and design of the course.

Golfer Neil of the European Team, as cited by the Your Golf Travel, said the Thracian Cliffs “is quirky and tricky, you’re bound to lose a few balls to the sea so take the risk, and you’ll be so in awe of the views you won’t even mind about losing a few.”

Black Sea Rama Golf Course


Black Sea Rama is another spectacular golf course located in Varna. This 72-course, established in 2008, has a length of 7,200 yards.

Black Sea Rama Golf Course can test the true sporting skills of the golfers with the tricky features of the course.

From challenging sand traps to strategically situated hillocks, the course offers a tough yet rewarding golfing experience. Not to mention, the course offers magnificent views over the Black Sea.

Gary Player, the legendary South African Golfer, designed the course.

St. Sofia Golf Club and Spa

St. Sofia Golf Club and Spa was established in 2004. The course offers amazing water features, bunkers, and green fairways.

This gorgeous course earned a spot in Bulgaria’s best golf courses, especially after it went a renovation by Paul McGinley Golf Design. The Prime Minister of Bulgaria graced the opening of the new course layout in 2012.

Riu Pravets Golf Club


The 72-par Riu Pravets is designed by the famous golf course architect Peter Harradine. The course, located in Sofia, has a length of 7,000 yards.

Riu Pravets has a challenging yet impressive layout, and is set in natural terrain. The tricky undulations of the green landscape provide a significant challenge even to the most skilled golfers. The course was established in 2011.

Lighthouse Golf Course

Lighthouse Golf Course is a 71-par course located in Varna. This stunning golf course, which overlooks the cliffs of the Black Sea, has a length of 6,720 yards. The course was designed by Ian Woosnam.

This golf course, established in 2008, is always well-maintained and complemented by the cool breeze off the Black Sea, making your golfing experience a perfect one.

Pirin Golf and Country Club


This famous golf course is located near to the popular ski resort of Bansko, which is about 150 kilometers from the nation’s capital.

It is situated within the Razlog Valley, with the backdraft of Pirin, Rodopies, and Rila mountains.

Pirin Golf and Country Club, an 18-hole course, is designed by Ian Woosnam and architect Gary Johnston of the European Golf Design.

Unveiled in 2007, this perfect mountain retreat is affiliated to the European Tour Properties network, Top 100 Golf Courses reported.

Balkanstroy, one of the biggest construction companies in Bulgaria, developed this golf course. The commercial center also allows golf enthusiasts and tourists to have a luxurious experience of world-class hotels, chalets, bars, restos, galleries, boutiques, shops, spas, and residences.