Unusual things to see and do in Tennessee


Tennessee is a playground for individuals looking for unusual activities, from strange museums that showcase curious collections to colorful festivals that celebrate the offbeat. Discover hidden treasures that defy expectations as we dive into the fascinating world of deviations. Enter a strange universe and set off on an adventure that is beyond the ordinary.

The unusual scenery Tennessee has to offer will be relaxing to nature lovers. Experience strange rock formations, creepy caves, and breathtaking natural treasures. Discover hidden waterfalls, unravel the secrets of hidden hiking paths, or maybe even run into some alleged paranormal activity in the state’s underground tunnels.

Get lost in Tennessee’s thriving culture, where the possibilities are endless. Discover the vibrant local arts scene where talented artists produce stunning pieces using unusual techniques. Discover areas that are bursting with original street art, offbeat museums, and thriving music scenes that honor genres you’ve never heard before.

Whether you’re an adventurous traveler looking for new thrills, someone who simply enjoys the oddities of life, or both, Tennessee has a wide variety of strange experiences just waiting to be explored. Buckle up and get ready for the trip unlike any other as we untangle the intriguing web of unusual gems in Tennessee. Prepare to accept the unexpected because in Tennessee, the exceptional is right around the corner from the ordinary.

 Sunsphere in Knoxville

In Knoxville, a gold sphere rises above the cityscape as a reminder that the city was the location of the 1982 World’s Fair. An observation deck located more than twenty storeys inside the sphere is open to visitors and accessible via elevator. Visitors may get a panoramic view of the lovely city from an elevated position little over 200 feet in the air. The Tennessee River, Neyland Stadium, and the University of Tennessee are all common sights.

The Lost Sea in Sweetwater

A 3/4-mile tour through the caves, which contain underground water, is the first stop on a visit. The history of the caves is described by guides, who also respond to queries from visitors and throw in some comedy for fun. Visitors are encouraged on a very calm, 30-minute boat cruise after they arrive at the Lost Sea to learn more about the Lost Sea and its underground habitat.

The Ocoee River

The 93-mile-long Ocoee River, also known as Toccoa in Georgia, originates in Tennessee and travels through the Appalachian Mountains in a northwesterly direction. Because it is regarded as one of the best recreational whitewater rivers in the United States, the river was chosen to host the whitewater canoe and kayak competitions of the 1996 Olympics. Visitors will discover that there are several activities advertised on the banks, including tubing, kayaking, and skill-level-appropriate organized whitewater rafting experiences.

The Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville

Horace Burgess said that he was building the house and church combination in accordance with God’s instructions when he built the 97-foot high tree-supported edifice. Until the Cumberland County Fire Marshall ordered it closed in 2012, the Minister’s Tree House on Beehive Lane in Crossville regularly hosted public services. It is still a well-liked neighborhood attraction and is easily seen from the road.

Bonnaroo in Manchester

It’s crucial to plan your visit to this Tennessee site, but it will be well worth the trouble. Bonnaroo is one of the biggest music events in the world. The annual Bonnaroo festival, which takes place on a 700+ acre farm in rural Coffee County, attracts tourists from all over the world with its exceptional group of established and up-and-coming musicians from all genres, as well as its wide range of food and drink options. All the while keeping the event family-friendly and a spot where the young and young-at-heart can let loose and have a good time.

Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville

The second-largest commercial cave in the United States is located in Cardwell Mountain, just outside of the city. It is called Cumberland Caverns. Aaron Higgenbotham found the caves in 1810 while mapping the Chickamauga Trail. Today, trips with guides are available for people to witness the stunning structures, which go by names like Monument Pillar, Crystal Palace, Volcano Room, and Hall of the Mountain King.

Geographical Center in Murfreesboro

A planted pyramid may be seen by motorists traveling along Old Lascassas Road, about a half-mile from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). The state’s geographic core is designated by this straightforward structure.

The Parthenon in Nashville

Parthenon Nashville

The authentic Parthenon from Athens, Greece, is a full-size replica that can be found inside Centennial Park, just west of downtown Nashville. To serve as an opulent venue for Tennessee’s Centennial celebration in 1897, the building was constructed. The Parthenon is now a year-round art museum and a well-liked location for summertime performances.

Amish Country in Lawrenceburg

Due to the huge number of Amish residing in the region and their wide farms, which visitors may tour and buy locally produced goods from, Lawrenceburg proudly refers to itself as “Amish Country.” The Amish maintain an adequate Amish welcome center manned by Amish people since they are so welcoming of visitors who want to learn more about their way of simple living.

Grinder’s Switch in Centerville

On the well-liked Nashville-based television comedy series Hee Haw in the 1970s, Sarah Cannon portrayed the lovable role of Minnie Pearl. Minnie Pearl frequently referenced Grinder’s Switch, a genuine Centerville neighborhood and Sarah Cannon’s actual home, in her sketches. The small town took advantage of its star’s advertising and now has a charming entertainment area that welcomes guests to stop by and spend a while.

Bell Witch Cave in Adams

Legend has it that when John Bell, Sr. bought the property in Robertson County, Tennessee, that is now home to the famous cave, in 1871, a figure known as the Bell Witch attacked John and his family, leading to their deaths. Records from the period indicate that the being was capable of speaking and changing forms. This cave is thought to have served as the Witch’s primary hiding place. Although only for the adventurous, tours are offered.

Sheriff Buford Pusser Museums in Adamsville

In 1964, Buford Pusser was appointed sheriff of McNairy County. He quickly established a reputation as a tough lawman by attempting to break up the State Line Mob and Dixie Mafia organizations. Pusser saw his wife’s death and survived three assassination attempts. In reaction, Pusser hired a hitman to kill the people who killed his wife. If you recognize his name, it’s probably because he served as the model for the 1973 film Walking Tall.

Reelfoot Lake

Much of the state’s western region was devastated by the New Madrid earthquake of 1813, the greatest earthquake in American history. Despite all of its devastation and destruction, the earthquake did create the state’s sole naturally formed lake, a stunning lake in what would eventually become Lake and Obion districts. Along the lake’s shoreline, the general public has access to a wide range of activities, including Reelfort Lake State Park in Tiptonville.

Tina Turner Museum in Browns

Fans of Tina Turner will be familiar with this city’s name because it refers to the singer’s hometown and the little town that inspired one of her songs, Nutbush City Limits. Visitors are welcome to learn about the beloved singer’s small town existence before she became famous in this location, which is roughly an hour’s drive northwest of Memphis. The museum is located in the structure that originally housed Turner’s primary school.

Casey Jones Village in Jackson


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In an effort to avoid colliding with a halted freight train, Illinois Central Railroad engineer Casey Jones made history by remaining on board his train. The only person who died in that terrible incident was Jones, who is reported to have saved the lives of his passengers by breaking convention and staying with the engine. Today, you may pay a visit to the engineer’s final residence inside the entertainment complex in his honor.

Crystal Shrine Grotto in Memphis


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A man-made cave, sixty feet down at the Memphis Memorial Park Cemetery, is filled with quartz crystals and other decorations, and harp music may be heard echoing off the walls. Every day at sunset, cemetery gates are closed.


For visitors looking for something out of the usual, Tennessee has a wide variety of amazing and distinctive experiences to offer. There are a variety of fascinating sites and activities to take enjoyment in like what is mentioned in this article. Whether you’re drawn to historical marvels, natural wonders, or oddball sights.


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