Tips for Staying Safe While Walking with Headphones


Walking is a healthy way to interact with your community actively. You can enhance this experience with music played on your favorite headphones, but walking with your headphones on is risky, especially if you are walking on a busy street. 

However, sometimes you can’t resist listening to your favorite music on this tech-wonder. According to statistics, the number of seriously injured pedestrians wearing headphones has tripled since 2004.  The primary cause for these accidents are a no-brainer – pedestrians walking with headphones cannot hear vehicular horns! Aside from accidents, pedestrians wearing headphones are prone to incidents of snatching and other malice on streets.

It is essential to mention that headphones come in different types, and each has various features. Some headphones, such as the active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones, are not suited for any outdoor activity. ANC headphones tend to “turn off” external sounds, making you prone to inattention blindness when walking on streets.

If for any reason, you insist on wearing headphones while walking, these tips might help you stay safe.

1. Choose high-quality headphones.

High-quality headphones feature excellent volume control that allows you to maintain lower volume when walking on streets. Poor-quality headphones tend to have uncontrollably maxed volume that could drown out car horns and other sounds around you. In addition, high-quality headphones fit your ears better, reducing the instances of your headphones distractingly falling off from time to time.

2. Keep your gadget inside your pocket. 

Whether your device is expensive or not, it is best to keep it in your pocket so you won’t attract thieves on your way. You may also want to tuck your headphones’ wires inside your shirt. Not only will this keep you safe, but so too your valued gadget.

3. Walk faster.

Walking faster will give people the impression that you are jogging. With this pace, you can drive away any harmful intentions. Since slow music can make you walk slower, play upbeat music with a good rhythm to help you keep your walking pace up.

4. Know your direction.

Make sure to familiarize your path if you intend to listen to your headphones while walking. Not being able to do so will bring you to new areas where thieves can take advantage of your confused expression. If you get lost while walking, take off your headphones and quickly trace back your steps. Aside from familiarizing your route, take note of the areas where your full attention may be required. Adjust the volume of your headphones when you pass by these areas.

5. Choose the right type of music and volume.

When walking with headphones, the walking area is not your only concern. You also need to consider what kind of music to play, and at what level of loudness you need to play it according to the crowd you will encounter. Normal music played at low volume is often suggested when you are passing through crowded places. Any music played at the volume of your liking can be played in calm and peaceful places.

6. Be mindful of suspicious followers.

When you come to a corner, make a half-turn to check if someone is suspiciously following you. If someone is doing this, adjust your speed to let them pass or cross the street if you need to. If you confirm their intention, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

7. Respond to people.

If people try to reach out and touch you – whether in a friendly way or not – respond to them. You may say “hi” but tell them you are not interested. Put your headphones away and ask for help if they tend to be invasive.

Downside of Walking with Headphones

People cannot deny the therapeutic effect of listening to nature while taking a walk, even on the streets. Sometimes, it is better to leave your headphones at home and reconnect with nature through its natural sounds.


Walking with headphones can be a harmful practice, especially since streets nowadays are filled with strangers. Always remember the tips mentioned above to keep yourself safe while walking the streets and listening to your favorite music. The bottom line of these tips is that even if you are walking with headphones, you have to be aware of your surroundings.


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