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One of the best things about summers is the entertaining time one can spend with watersports. The beaches, the small lakes, and other water games could provide you with a whole day of recreation. In such times, many people decide to rent their own boat. Sometimes it may be due to the different types of private parties whereas others may want to have their own fishing experience. Either way, having your own boat is an interesting thing to do. However, to have the right boat rental, you should consider the following tips as they may help you out.

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Finding the Right Boat

The primary thing to consider when hiring a boat is the personal requirements. If there are more than 10-15 guests, then a large boat would be probably more suitable. However, if there are only two people looking for a bit of an adventure, it is suggested to hire a Jet-ski or a smaller boat. Many people prefer to have a wave runner boat as well which is a bit speedy but for lesser people. Finding the right boat also means that you should be getting a boat which is in good condition so that there are no problems later on. It is essential that you get the right boat else you might not be able to enjoy your boating experience.

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Packing List

When renting out a boat, many people miss out on some important equipment which is essential for the right boating experience. An important tip is to have clothes for all kinds of weather. For example, a shorts and shirt could be fine for a hot summer but to be sure, an extra raincoat, or spare set of clothes should be present with the riders. All riders should be wearing their life jackets as well. Make sure that you pack in a smart way rather than over packing. Keep the essentials and a few other equipment.

Medical equipment should be present such as a first aid kit and some sunscreen to provide protection from the harmful Ultraviolet rays. Water supplies should be present in the form of a water cooler so that even if you plan to spend a long time out in the river, you have sufficient water reserve in its ideal temperature. Food sources should also be sufficient for the riders. An important thing is the different types of towels for cleanup purposes. For longer journeys that last for days, one must also carry the different types of bathroom toiletries as well as blankets since it gets cold at night.

Legal Tip

Legal aspects are important for boat rental since there is a chance of facing any unforeseen circumstances such as accidents while in the river, compensation for damages, and other such aspects. According to many boat renting companies such as Jerry’s Majestic Marine, one must be having a valid current boaters license with themselves. The age factor is important and anyone who wants to hire the boat must be aged at least 25 or above.

Some companies also take your signature on a form which holds you responsible for any damages that might be incurred. It also requires an extra credit card deposit for some companies. This is returnable back to the customer if the boat does not have any damage. It is essential to consider all the legal aspects before signing in because many companies do not allow extra activities with their boats such as wakeboarding, water skiing, and knee-boarding etc. Moreover, any types of pets are also not allowed as well. These different kinds of legal factors should be considered by a person before renting out the boats.

Consider a Captain

For beginners, a good tip is to consider hiring a captain for your boat who could navigate you around, guide you, as well as teach you in the right manner on how to ride your boat. Not only is it highly safe to have a captain but it also helps in reduced overall problems. Moreover, if you hire a captain from the same company that you hire a boat from, you don’t have to worry about paying any damage charges or even providing a security deposit for the boat.

Be specific on Timings

Boat rentals are considered to be expensive. They cost from $80 to $120 per hour plus extra charges for the fuel as well. If you have booked your boat in advance for rental purposes, make sure that you get there early. Don’t be late because the company might start counting your time and your charges might be going to waste. Getting at the spot early would also give you the benefit as you can spend maximum time in your boat. Moreover, it would also allow you to complete all the formalities such as paper work before heading out to the water.

Consider Insurance

Although insurance is not necessary, it might be helpful for you or your loved ones in case of any mishaps. For example, if you are in the boat with children and one of them faces a severe allergic reaction due to extreme sun or any other aspect, the right kind of insurance will help you out in monetary compensation. This tip is usually more relevant where a group leader is travelling different members of the group who might be meeting each other the first time. AS a result, insurance of all members could be helpful for them as well as it would provide a safe and stress-free experience.


Boating is something that most of us enjoy a lot. Many people are able to purchase their own boats but those that are not able to do so could easily get a boat on rent without having to pay for any kinds of hidden or extra costs. Renting a boat could get you the fun that any other boat owner might be having. However, it is important that you consider the different tips for renting a boat that have been mentioned above. This would ensure that you have a safe as well as fun-filled experience with least possible problems for yourself and your loved ones.

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